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Athletics & Activities »Athletics & Activities General Information for ISP Parents:  The vision of The International School of Panama is to inspire our students to learn and develop through sport.  Our enduring hope is that the lessons learned on the fields and in the gym will remain with our students for a lifetime. We provide athletes with the opportunity to experience success and loss through our competitive programs.  Through these programs, students learn to develop their playing skills, teamwork, leadership and physical fitness. We endeavor to facilitate opportunities for our student athletes to be good citizens, to challenge their intellectual skills, and to teach them the value of teamwork. We provide students with opportunities to practice leadership and self discipline. Teamwork and how students relate to one another is essential for future success in school and in the workplace.  There are few places where such skills can be better learned than on the sports field. The Athletic Department at The International School of Panama is committed to developing successful programs which will fulfill these objectives, and which will provide a challenging, competitive environment in which the ideals of sportsmanship, personal integrity, moral character and teamwork are stressed.   Participation in athletics is far more than winning and losing games.  We strongly believe that athletics is not separate from the educational process but rather an integral part of it. Monday, 04 April 2011 10:23
Uniforms »ISP UNIFORM    Uniforms are required for all students at ISP. They are in keeping with public and private Panamanian school culture and should reflect pride in our school community. Additionally, they are an expression of preparedness and a kind of professionalism desired in ISP students.    Although the ISP uniform has a relaxed appearance, it is a uniform and must be worn according to the regulations. Violations will result in appropriate disciplinary actions detailed in the student handbooks.    ISP Uniform Regulations: 1. All students are required to wear a complete school uniform in accordance with the uniform items list. All uniform items must be labeled with the student’s name.   2. Uniform items (items marked * are available at the uniform shops):  a. Shoes: Shoes must be all black including soles and laces (athletic shoes are acceptable and we recommend rubber/slip-proof soles for safety reasons. No open backs or sandals are allowed.       b.  Socks: White socks are required. They must cover the ankle.   c. Slacks: Navy blue uniform slacks (available at the uniform shops) or navy chinos (lightweight cotton trousers that are dressier than khakis and do not fade as easily) are required. Slacks with rips or holes, hems that reach the floor or over and/or undersized slacks are NOT allowed. d. Culottes: ISP plaid uniform culottes are available at the uniform shop. The length of the culottes may vary from just above the knee to no shorter than 2 inches (5.0 cm) above the knee. No over and/or undersized Bermuda shorts are allowed. e. Skirt: ISP plaid uniform skirts are available at the uniform shop. The length of the skirt may vary from mid-knee to no shorter than 2 inches (5.0 cm) above the knee.     f. Shirts: ISP light blue cotton shirts or solid (teal or burgundy) ISP polo shirts are available at the uniform shop. Only students in grades 11 and 12 have the option of wearing the teal or burgundy shirt with alternating color collar. All shirts must be tucked into pants unless they are hemmed to fall 4”-6” below the navel. g. P.E. Uniform: ISP T-shirts or plain navy T-shirts and ISP or navy PE shorts are required. h. Sweatshirts and Sweaters: Only ISP sweatshirts or plain navy blue sweatshirts or sweaters are allowed. i. ISP Caps and Visors: only ISP caps and visors are allowed and these are highly recommended for P.E. and all outdoor activities. Caps and visors may only be worn outside of school buildings.   3. General Notes about special dress and grooming: a. Students may be requested to wear plain colored T-shirts or sport shirts (i.e. green, red, blue, etc.) for certain activity days. b. Elementary students may be requested to wear their national dress on UN Day. This is optional. Additionally, there is a dress up day when elementary students are asked to dress up as their favorite book character. c. On some field trips, students will be allowed to wear jeans. Torn and over or under-sized jeans are not permitted. d. Students may wear properly sized, white and/or ISP P.E. T-shirts under their uniform shirts, provided they do not extend outside of the uniform shirt. e. Hair must be clean, brushed and well kept. Unnaturally colored hair, (i.e. blue, green, red, purple, etc.) is not allowed. At times, for safety, long hair must be pulled back. Girls *ISP hair bands and ties are available at the uniform shops. f. For safety, students should wear a minimum amount of jewelry. Some jewelry, including dangling earrings, must be removed for PE. Lockers are provided, but the school cannot assume responsibility for articles left unlocked. Please leave expensive items at home. g. High school students are required to wear business attire for the annual PANAMUN event in October. Boys generally wear suits or sport coats and girls wear business formal attire. Additionally, for school trips, chaperones may require sport team warm-up suits or “smart casual” attire. * For information about our ISP SCHOOL UNIFORM click HERE        Friday, 21 January 2011 16:39
Parents » Parents   The experience of living in an international community results in a respect for and an appreciation of others and their diverse backgrounds. To many, this offers the opportunity to share and give one's best. The parents and staff work together to provide a sense of community in a variety of ways that include a wide range of events like the United Nations Day celebrations, the Holiday Shop and the Family Fun Fair to name just a few. Parent Participation Parents are our partners in education. Those who participate actively find great rewards in the friendships they develop and the feelings of belonging and excitement as they experience the school's spirit. Parents may work as classroom volunteers in a diverse range of activities. Our open door policy encourages mutual respect and a team approach to providing the student with an environment for success. Teachers, administrators and parents maintain close contact. A very active Parent-Teacher Association works to further educational and social cohesion within the school community. Parent InformationThe school's most direct form of communication with the home is through the website, Edline and email communications.  Electronic communication allows easy access to our calendars of events, food service menu, announcements, offerings of student activities, progress reports, report cards, invitations to school celebrations, information concerning registration for the new school year, meetings and other other announcements. Parents also receive Elementary, Middle School and High School Student Handbooks, and, in many cases, Friday papers in the Elementary and Middle Schools that contain teacher handouts and completed student work for parents to review. PTA Please be sure to visit the PTA section of the website to find out information about how you can participate.  You will find the PTA Activities Calendar there that lists the full year's view of all the wonderful activities sponsored by the PTA.  Tuesday, 11 January 2011 17:15

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