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21st Century Technology Integration

At ISP, we believe students need to be technologically fluent to be successful, creative, contributing, global citizens, and that student learning is enhanced by providing students with the opportunities and experiences to develop technological fluency. This is accomplished through an integrated approach consistent with our ISP Strategic Plan and ISP Philosophy of Teaching and Learning, with a consistent framework of digital citizenship. STEM integration is also a key component of this approach, as stated in our ISP Strategic Plan.

At each grade level, students demonstrate “21st Century Learning skills”, in curriculum-integrated, authentic, natural ways with the help of technology-skilled educators. ISP 21st Century Learning Outcomes use ISTE Standards for Students to “promote future-ready learning” as we believe that “Today’s students must be prepared to thrive in a constantly evolving technological landscape” (Ibid.). 

Technology coaches and media specialists collaborate with core and single-subject teachers to design, implement, and assess technology integrated learning opportunities using the SAMR and TPACK integration models. 

ISP also offers a strong set of technology subject area elective courses in middle school and high school, including: robotics, computer science & computer studies, and interaction design. VAPA offers technology-related elective courses focusing on a visual arts and design approach, including: graphic design, yearbook & publications, digital photography, video, interior design, and communication design. 

Additionally, technology/STEM after-school activities (ASAs), school clubs, and events/competitions provide students with a variety of ways to learn and apply technology skills, such as our internationally recognized ISP Near Space Program.

ISP Technology Resources and Tech Support

ISP acquires and maintains a wide array of technology systems, devices, software, apps, and subscriptions to enhance student-learning experiences and continually improve school operations. Technology systems range from IT network infrastructure/operational to instructional/academic/educational technology. These technology resources are carefully selected and implemented, and may change over time as new resources emerge which better meet our school’s needs. 

Devices, equipment, & E-resources ISP provides and facilitates a wide range of technology devices for students, teachers, and staff to provide access to and leverage our technology systems and e-resources in teaching and learning:

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) laptop provides a 1-to-1 device learning environment for Middle and High School (Grade 6-12) students and promote blended learning and mobility. BYOD support is available within established parameters from Tech Center. Please see our BYOD Guide for more details.
  • Classroom-based mobile devices (iPads, Chromebooks, laptops) in a 2-to-1 student-to-device ratio are frequently used by elementary students.
  • Computer labs & STEM labs in ES, MS, and HS compliment mobile device use, complete with a variety of programmable devices and maker resources.
  • Robotics equipment and devices, along with 3D printers, are part of the ES/MS/HS STEM program. 
  • Interactive whiteboards (SMART Board and i3 Technologies interactive flat panels) are standard in all instructional classrooms and conference rooms.
  • Virtual Learning Environment: G Suite for Education, Microsoft Office 365, RenWeb (school information system), & Canvas (learning management).
  • E-resources: Naviance, MangeBac (HS), Dreambox Learning, K12 World Languages, Seesaw for Schools, E-books in core subjects, and wide variety of subject and class-specific websites and iPad instructional apps.

Technology Support Technology systems and device support are provided by the Tech Center, led by the Director of Technology and IT Manager, and staffed by Technology Center personnel. BYOD and parent device support are available within established parameters in the Tech Center.

  • Tech Support Helpdesk: Phone: +507 293.3000 ext 3933
  • Tech Center Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Location: Above ES Gym, left at the top of the stairs.

ISP Technology is proud of our role in supporting our school’s world-class 21st Century education for every student in every grade, every day. We truly hope to bring about “Educational excellence for a future without borders”.

Technology Events

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