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After School Activities

At the International School of Panama, education and inspiring does not only take place inside the classroom. We believe that another important aspect of student life is being involved in after school activities.

Our After-School Activities (ASA) program, led by enthusiastic instructors, allows students to learn a new skill or improve their talents in many different areas. Furthermore, the ASA program gives students the opportunity to interact with others who share similar interests. 

The Program

Although the ASA program does offer some sporting activities, these are non-competitive in nature with no formal competition played (for competitive sports, please see our Athletics page). The ASA program focuses on developing the skills necessary for students to achieve their full potential within their activity of choice. 

In the ASA program, students can participate in a variety of activities that will vary per semester:

  • Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA): instruments, dance, drama, painting, handcrafts, etc.
  • Academic and STEM: science, robotics, mathematics, engineering, programming, etc.
  • Athletics: soccer, yoga, rugby, volleyball, tennis, karate, trampoline, gymnastics, etc.

Reasons Why the ASA Program is Beneficial to Students

Academic Performance

Research shows that involvement in physical education and/or creative play improves a child’s mind and may even help them focus on their academic schoolwork.  

Community Spirit

The ASA program provides students the opportunity to meet new friends and develop a sense of belonging within the school.  Many students leave school upon graduation with fond memories of participating in after school activities with other students. Some even tell us that these activities helped them survive difficult times during their school experience.  

Language Development

We try to emphasize that all of our instructors communicate in English to the students. While this is not always possible, we are continuing to build this aspect of our program.  

The ASA program creates a fantastic environment where students can continue to improve both their spoken English and Spanish.

Organizational and Prioritization Skills

Participating in the ASA program helps students learn to manage their time and prioritize tasks. These are valuable life skills that they will need to have as they continue progress throughout the school system and develop into productive community members. Staying organized allows students to enjoy various activities without becoming overwhelmed. 

Physical Fitness

Regular participation in physical activities is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Students will feel better both physically and mentally and this contributes towards living longer and healthier lives.  

Attendance and Transportation

Keeping track of attendance is very important at ISP. We need to take proper attendance to ensure the safety of all students. Consistent attendance and punctuality are important aspects in committing to an activity. Some activities form teams or specific roles that depend on all students being there.

What should I do when my child is absent from his/her ASA?

No action is necessary when your child is absent during a regular school day. Students who are present during the school day will be expected to attend their after school activity. 

If your child is going to be absent from his/her ASA please e-mail Kary Almengor in advance of the absence. This prevents us from looking for the student and making unnecessary phone calls home. Also, if a student has four unexcused absences during a semester, that student may be ineligible for the same activity the following semester. This is a partnership in which we need parents' cooperation.    

A student with four or more unexcused absences in the previous semester would be ineligible for the same activity if that activity is oversubscribed in the following semester. This new procedure is due to the growth and popularity of the program. 


Buses leave school at 4:30 p.m. Students are escorted by their instructors to the bus area to take their corresponding bus, which might be different from regular school dismissal. 

Students who have alternative transportation must be picked up at 4:15 p.m. outside the PAC. For more information please contact our transportation office by e-mail or at +507 293.3048.

Expectations for Student Participation

Participation in the ASA program is a privilege, and appropriate behavior is expected from students at all times.  

We strive to provide the highest quality of ASA programs possible. However, if you have concerns regarding the instructor, behavior of students, or any difficulties with the program please contact us. We are committed to help solve any issue or assist in any way possible to ensure that your child has a positive experience. Your feedback is always appreciated and can help us to continue to improve the quality of the ASA program.


We expect students to be respectful to their instructors and to other students at all times. We want every student to feel included and to be a part of the program. Inappropriate behavior such as bullying, poor language, and not listening to the instructor will not be tolerated. Participation in the ASA program should be a positive experience for everyone and we strive for every student to experience success, regardless of their ability. These expectations also apply to conduct on the bus transportation home.

Discipline Procedure

If any poor behavior occurs, the instructor will report to the ASA Coordinator. Consequences may include student warnings/reflections, parent notification, division’s dean involvement. Extreme cases will result in suspension or expulsion from the after school activities.


Registration to the ASA program is through an online form. Registration will only apply for the corresponding semester. Enrolling in a class for semester one, does not guarantee the enrollment for semester two. We will open the registration for semester two on Monday, January 7. 

The ASA program operates from September to December in semester one. Semester two is from February to May. 

To register, please use our ASA registration form (K to 12) and our ASA registration form (PreK). This form lists activities by day of the week (Monday first, Tuesday below, etc...) and you may choose up to three options listed by priority (first choice, second choice, third choice). We will consider every choice. Should you be only interested in one, please select only one. 

You will receive an automatic response after you register which will show the activities you chose. This does not guarantee that you got a space. An ASA class may shut down if it does not reach the minimum number of students for that activity. 

What Happens If an Activity Is over Enrolled? 

All activities have a specific capacity. We aim to be all inclusive when possible. However, due to time, space, and personnel restrictions, some classes can over enrolled. Beginning in 2018-2019, we will pilot a lottery system to assign spaces in such cases of over enrollment. If we offer a class for more than one day a week and it is overenrolled in both days, students may only be eligible for one day (depending on numbers). A student with four or more unexcused absences in the previous semester would be ineligible for the same activity if that activity is full the following semester. This new procedure is due to the growth and popularity of the program.

Payment and Reimbursement Procedure

Students usually have a two-session trial period to gauge their interest level in the class. We expect parents to speak with their child about the class and if he/she wants to stay or leave. Following your final decision, we will process an invoice into your account and payment will be mandatory. Invoice is due within 30 days

Please give payments to the cashier (cash or checks made out to ISP, International School of Panama, or La Escuela Internacional de Panama), by deposit, or via wire transfer (please include student number and activity). 

Should your child choose to drop an activity after the trial period, we do not issue reimbursements in most cases. In extenuating circumstances, we can reimbursement claims on a case-by case basis.

This Semester

1st Semester of SY 2018-2019

Important Dates:

  • Registration: Wednesday, August 15 and closes on Friday, August 24
  • Public lottery for over enrolled activities: Wednesday, August 29
  • E-mails confirming ASA registration assignments sent on the afternoon of Thursday, August 30.
  • Start day: Week of September 3
  • Trial period ends: Friday, September 14
  • Last day: Week of December 10

In the ASA program booklet, activities are organized per school (elementary school, middle school, and high school) and area (sports, arts, and STEM/academic).

The ASA program generally operates from September to December, and prices are based on one day of activity for the corresponding semester. Several activities are offered for more than one day per week, although participation in all days offered is not mandatory. 

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