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Participation in athletics is far more than winning and losing games. At International School of Panama (ISP), we inspire our students to learn and develop through sport. Our enduring hope is that the lessons learned in the sporting arena will remain with our students for a lifetime.

We strongly believe that athletics is not separate from the educational process, but rather an integral part of it. We provide athletes with the opportunity to learn from victory and defeat through our competitive sport programs.

After School Activities

Visit our After-School Activities page to read more about the artistic, academic, STEM, and non-competitive athletic programs we offer.

Dolphin Athletics

ISP operates a competitive sports program and an after school activity (ASA) program. We encourage and want all students to embrace and be part of as many different experiences as possible throughout their time here at ISP. We are fortunate enough to be able to provide a wide range of opportunities to accomplish this.

Competitive Sports

Through this program, we endeavor to facilitate opportunities through individual and team sports for our student athletes to develop their playing skills, teamwork, leadership, physical fitness, and self-discipline. These skills are essential for future success in school and in the workplace, and there are few places where students can better learn such skills than in the sporting arena. We aim to develop well-rounded student athletes at the varsity level through a developmentally appropriate competitive sports program from U10 to U18. We encourage student athletes to participate in more than one sport, and we structure our program to facilitate this. 

Our focus at the elementary school level is to develop a love of sport in a relaxed and fun environment. At the middle school level, we continue to prioritize performance development over winning. At the high school level, we expect student athletes to be prepared for the rigor and demand of highly competitive athletics and to balance this commitment with other aspects of life as a high school student athlete. At all age levels, we expect all ISP stakeholders, including students, coaches and parents, to display exemplary sportsmanship at all times.

ISP offers the following individual and team sports within our competitive sports program:

Local Competition

During the school year, we receive invitations to participate in a number of leagues. The Athletics Department will review the requirements of each league and determine if participation in them is in line with ISP’s philosophy and seasons.

International Competition

AASCA Tournaments

The Association of American Schools of Central America (AASCA) is a group of 24 international schools spanning six countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Panama) which organizes several tournaments in athletics, the arts, and in academics. For sporting competitions, ISP is now a member of the large schools conference, and we aim to compete in all AASCA sporting competitions each year. Additionally, ISP participates in AASCA competitions in the areas of academics, STEM, drama, and music.

This Semester

These sports are in season for semester two of the 2017-2018 school year:

  • Soccer, sub 8, boys and girls
  • Soccer, sub 10, boys and girls
  • Soccer, sub 16, boys and girls
  • Soccer, sub 18, boys and girls
  • Basketball, sub 12, boys and girls
  • Basketball, sub 14, boys and girls
  • Swimming cadet, ES, boys and girls
  • Swimming juniors, MS, boys and girls
  • Swimming sr. juniors, HS, boys and girls
  • Volleyball, sub 18, boys and girls
  • Flag football, sub 17, girls

Athletics in the News

Be sure to read the ISP Dolphin Dispatch every Friday for the latest athletics news.

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