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Learning is maximized when bodies and minds are nourished. We provide students with nutritious, balanced meals to keep them fueled throughout the day.

We do not serve lunch on Wednesdays due to our early release time.

Health and Wellness

What's Cooking at the ISP Cafeteria

Ladies slicing vegetables

Our cafeteria is committed to satisfying the nutrition needs of our community, in a practical and efficient manner, while maintaining a comfortable and amenable environment for food consumption.

We strive to offer a variety of healthy and nutritional options for meals and snacks. Most of the items sold in the cafeteria are hand made by our highly qualified personnel under the direction of our chef, Eliseo Calvo. 

Chef Eliseo Calvo

The cafeteria team produces pastries, birthday cakes, deserts, snacks, specialty breads, and more. A big hit with students are the freshly made fruit and vegetable smoothies and ample salad bar. As part of the school year calendar of menu options the cafeteria staff also strives to give our international community the opportunity to taste food from other countries. 

ISP Nutrition Committee

Smiling cafeteria workers

We in the nutrition committee are looking forward to serving your children with high quality nutritional meals and student centered service. As background and as part of our approach to providing a holistic learning experience at ISP, our nutrition committee has been hard at work over the past school year taking actions to continually improve our approach to health and nutrition at ISP.

Over the summer we thought about how we could make information about cafeteria services readily available and easy to share. We have now created a new feature on our website. You will now be able to view the menu for the week in elementary, middle and high school, and the corresponding nutritional facts for each of the food items. We are excited to share the first week’s menu with you. 

Panini day

The nutrition committee is a multidisciplinary team, advised by a renowned professional nutritionist, whose goal is to educate the ISP community about healthy eating habits. Together with the cafeteria, the committee has worked to provide healthy food choices that ensure children have the energy they need to learn in class and be physically active, while reducing their risk for obesity, diabetes, and other serious chronic diseases. 

Together with our highly qualified and professional chef, cafeteria staff, and nurses, the nutrition committee prepares menus aimed at providing healthy food choices for our community, ensuring that each student receives the adequate amount of food and nutrition, as well as offering tailored menu items to students with special nutritional or dietary needs. 

Hard at work, lots of smiles

Over the years ISP has implemented several programs and procedures to improve food and infrastructure at the school cafeteria including providing nutritional information for each of the food items offered by the cafeteria, as well as facilitating workshops on health and nutrition for ISP parents and students. 

As a result of these efforts, students as well as faculty and staff at ISP now have many healthy options to choose from as well as special events and features such as the salad bar, naturally flavored waters to replace juices, smoothie station, and international food days. 

Closeup of slicing vegetables

During the coming school year the nutrition committee will continue working together providing opportunities to share valuable health and nutrition information with our community. Please be sure to check the cafeteria page on our website which provides weekly menus, nutritional information, and health and nutrition tips. Additionally the nutrition committee will continue its planning ahead of ISP’s health and wellness week, a pivotal moment in the year where we can show the broader community all that we do together, to promote our community’s health and wellness.

Grades K to 5

Our elementary students in grades K–5 eat lunch in their own cafeteria. We offer a lunch program included in tuition for an additional charge. Elementary meals are $4.30.

Grades 6 to 12

Students in grades 6-12 enjoy meals in our cafetorium. We offer breakfast, snacks, and hot lunches as well as salads, sandwiches, and fresh fruit. We serve all cafetorium meals á la carte. MS and HS meals are $4.00.

Contact Information

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Jalil Mendoza
Head Chef

Rosie Aguilar 
Cafeteria Operations Assistant

PH:   +507 293.3000   FAX:   +507 266.7808
PHYSICAL:   Golf Club Road, Cerro Viento Rural, San Miguelito, Panama City, Panama