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International School of Panama’s Dolphins are always up to something good, and we want to share it with you. Catch all the good news and important announcements for our elementary school right here.

End Of Semester: See You Soon!

As we head into our break, we want to wish you and your families well. We hope that you and your children get some time to relax and enjoy a slower pace of life. If you still want your children to continue to engage with learning, you can use opportunities in your everyday life to talk about topics they have an interest in, give them time for daily journaling, or limit screen time with the apps that they use in the homeroom. Lastly, reading is an activity that has benefits for children of all ages - both reading with you and being read to. 

Our first day of school for semester two is on Monday, January 15. We hope you enjoy your time away from ISP, but know that we will be looking forward to seeing you and your children again in the new year.


Ms. Becky and the Elementary Team

FANLYC Gift Collection - Thank You ISP!

The SRC collected gifts for the children with leukemia and other cancers who get help from the FANLYC charity. On Monday, eight members of the SRC visited the charity to drop off the presents. When we entered, it was all decorated with Christmas and world cup decorations. It looked very bright and welcoming. It made me think that the people who were living here were normal kids with a normal life - it looked like a cool place to stay. I felt like I wanted to volunteer to help because even if it looks bright, the children still are having treatment for cancer and I wanted to help them have a better Christmas and recover from their illness. It was pretty impressive seeing the children and hearing about everything they had to go through. I felt super bad for them, but I am very happy that we had a lot of gifts for them. Some of the children there can’t leave their room, so I hope that our gifts will ensure they have a happy Christmas with their family.

Thank you to everyone who donated gifts! They are very much appreciated and will make some sick children very happy.

Nicolas and Raphael - SRC leaders

Elementary POD Captains Visit Our Sister School in El Valle

The eight POD captains went to our sister school, La Mesa, in El Valle on Tuesday. We wanted to give them Christmas presents and food for their families during the holidays. The school seemed smaller than when we visited last year, but this time only eight of us went. It was interesting to see how the kids reacted to the presents; at first, they were like, what’s this? After waiting patiently to open their gifts and in some cases rewrapping them to open again, some of the children wanted to play. We taught them how to play some of the games and played with them and then they thought their gifts were cool. It made me feel good since these kids don’t have much and they got a Christmas gift – this might be their only gift and I realized how privileged I am. They were very happy as we left and they got pretty excited that we had food and gifts for them; they looked really happy. It was a great feeling being able to help. I think it was helpful and giving the present was so much fun and seeing everyone opening gifts and playing with them was great.

We also left a Canasta for each family so that they can have some extra food during the holidays. Thank you to everyone who donated at the holiday fair to buy food for the families and to the children who donated gifts. The children and families really appreciated it.

Juanchi, George, and Ria - 5th grade POD captains

Lost and Found in Elementary School

Each year, it is our practice to donate our lost and found items at the end of the semester. We ask you to send your child to look for any items he/she may have misplaced. You are also invited to come in and look for items yourself during the upcoming campus events. All items will be donated on December 20.

Upcoming Dates in the Elementary School

Make sure you mark your calendars and plan to join us for these events in December!

  • Thursday, December 7 - Holiday shop and concerts
  • Friday, December 8 - No school
  • Wednesday, December 20 - Half day with a 12:00 noon dismissal

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