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International School of Panama’s Dolphins are always up to something good, and we want to share it with you. Catch all the good news and important announcements for our high school school right here.


For the past 25 years, ISP has hosted the Panama Model United Nations (PANAMUN) – a signature component of our high school program. All high school students are in some way involved in this conference, which strives to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and celebrate the diversity that characterizes our community. Between October 25 and October 27, all HS students will be applying their knowledge and diplomacy skills to find solutions to the greatest global challenges of our time. We encourage you to take a look at our website

What is MUN? It is an educational simulation where students play the role of a United Nations Ambassador and solve global programs from the perspective of their assigned country. Students will hone their skills in public speaking, research, writing, problem solving, and consensus building. Students will also learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. Please view this video for more information.

Link Logo

The Story Behind the Link Logo, by Fernando Silva 

Link Leaders is an international school program that makes the transition of freshmen into High School a more comfortable process. The program is led by student mentors who help the younger ones in this new experience succeed. 

What does the logo represent?

The hands in the logo represent empowerment and empathy. These values are necessary for freshmen in their new experiences throughout High School. The empowerment and empathy come from the relationships you build with your Link Leaders who will be there for you to help, support, and understand when you are having any academic or personal issue. The fact that the hands are holding each other, represents that link leaders will support and guide the freshmen throughout high school and the experiences they may encounter. Despite the age difference, link leaders are there for their freshmen, metaphorically holding their hands in the process. The circle around the hands represents an unending cycle of bonding that happens between freshmen and their link leaders. It is necessary that link leaders create a bond with their freshmen as it is what is needed in order for freshmen to gain trust and feel that their link leaders are approachable. Lastly, the words “Stronger Together, Stronger With Link” is the motto that link leaders strive by, in order to help the freshmen have a successful and enjoyable year.

Excel Blocks

Excellence is an attitude. This year “Free Blocks” at the high school have been renamed as "Excel Blocks" with the purpose of changing students attitudes. Excel (short for Excellence) blocks should be used by students, juniors and seniors, to meet all the tasks that come with being a member of the upper classes in high school. These tasks include, writing an extended essay for the IB, completing the college applications, including the required essay, practicing for the SAT, completing the Panamanian Studies courses, just to name a few. All of these tasks are on top of managing the coursework that is normal during the junior or senior years of high school. Helping students manage or balance their lives requires time management and the excel blocks are there to support students.

See you at HS Open House, 4:00-6:00 p.m. in the PAC, August 23.

Tech Support Canvas, 2:00 p.m. PAC, August 23.

Welcome to a New Year in High School

ISP has been around for 35 years and this year we celebrate the excellence that is ISP as we also work toward continuous improvement. The biggest change that will be felt from day one is the new bell schedule. The start and end time for the school day remains the same as in previous years. The change really takes place in the length of classes, which are shortened to align with research based best practices. Students will also have five blocks each day instead of four, creating opportunities to enhance the overall program at each grade level. As change is difficult, we do expect some discomfort, and we will work to help everyone through the adjustment period.

By grade level, the changes will allow for the following improvements to the instructional program at ISP.

GRADE 9: Students will continue to have 8 subjects as they have before. The difference is that Mathematics and English will meet every day. The additional time in English will allow for strategic grammar instruction based on MAP data. Mathematics instruction will be provided by the same teacher each day, thus reducing the doubling up of homework experienced in the past, while reinforcing preparation for the IB mathematics curriculum.

GRADE 10: Students in grade ten will be provided the opportunity and encouragement to take more elective classes, exploring areas that they may not have been exposed to in prior years. Classes in technology, the arts, physical education, social sciences, and languages are some examples of areas students can explore. For students who double up in Science and feel the need for an extra study block, study hall is an option. The grade ten year is a very important year in preparation for the selection of courses heading into the IB Program.

GRADE 11: IB courses have been separated, and year one SL and HL courses will not be taught in the same classroom at the same time. By separating these courses, we will be able to prioritize the instruction for both SL and HL as they are different courses. The time provided for HL classes, will also be increased, allowing for better pacing and deeper learning. HL teachers and students will also have a common free block, creating the opportunity for additional tutoring by appointment.

GRADE 12: Eliminating the EIT (Extra Instructional Time) that has been a Wednesday after school requirement may be the biggest change for the seniors. We cannot split their classes in the second year of a two year program. We have created time for them to meet with their teachers for extra instructional time within the bell schedule. Seniors will also have the time they need to complete college applications, meet with college recruiters, complete their Extended Essay, and submit their CAS reflections if they use their time at school wisely.

Change is here, and the changes will lead to improved student learning, reduced stress (although not at the beginning) and create an overall healthier community within the high school section. 

All of this should, no will, contribute to making the 2017-18 school year a great year.

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