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CID 2017

Sweat, cheers, and tears. Three out of the three were experienced by ISP delegates attending last week’s Cumbre Intercolegial por la Democracia (CID), a debate hosted by the Metropolitan School of Panama. Delegates from all around the country argued about diverse topics, defending the countries assigned to them. The four committees consisted of diverse and controversial topics such as black market arms trading, sexual health and sex ed in Panama, territorial controversies, and Manuel Noriega and the United States invasion. Delegates worked with and against each other to resolve problems and establish solutions, and each committee had very successful turnouts.

Something particularly interesting about the conference itself was the diversity within the delegates. For starters, nationality. Present were people from Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, India, and many more countries. This added a certain flavor to the debate seeing as each delegate had their own, unique style of defending their ideas. Besides nationality, there was an impressive range of ages between them. My committee, DISEC, had a 12 year old boy from The Oxford School as our youngest delegate, and an 18 year old girl from the International School of Panama. Age, however, had nothing to do with a delegate’s performance. In fact, at times you witnessed the younger students taking the lead. 

Committee sizes ranged anywhere from about 20 to three dozen delegates. Each committee had one or two oral recognitions. These were delegates that were considered for physical awards, but were unable to fully surpass their competitors. Nonetheless, it’s a position that carries value; an achievement that a delegate should be proud of getting. From the DISEC committee, Maya Livne acquired this recognition. Next, honorable mention is awarded. This certificate is given to the first and second runner ups. From ISP, I, Aryan Rakhyani, earned this title. Lastly, best delegate. A best delegate is he/she who is able to most effectively argue and defend their point. Not only that, but the delegate is able to persuade other delegates to join their side. Being the highest possible award in this conference, a best delegate is given a certificate and a gavel with their name and committee on it. Earning this award, ISP’s Mark Rauschkolb was able stand out, getting recognition from his chairs and his fellow delegates. 

All in all, this was a very fruitful debate with intense interactions and conversations between delegates. Though they were faced with some drawbacks and challenges, MET was successful in conducting their second ever conference.

A special thank you to Aryan Rakhyani for writing this article.

Thank You From High School

Thank you to everyone, students, parents, faculty, and staff for making the 2016-2017 school year a successful year at ISP. What metrics do I use to qualify this year as successful? First, we need to look at the senior class and the way they carried themselves as a class throughout the year. From the beginning assembly through graduation, it was easy to see they were a close group who cared about each other. Their caring translated into support for one another, leading to greater individual success and university acceptances. The members of the class of 2017 were models in the classroom and in activities.

The successful year is also measured by the accomplishments of students across all grade levels in co-curricular activities. Record success was experienced by ISP students in AASCA and local Panamanian events. High placing is the result of dedication and hard work. Our students have displayed the level of commitment that is required to become a champion and they were rewarded by being champions. Just as important, our students represented ISP with the character we would expect. Sportsmanship cannot be lost in pursuit of a title. We can be proud of the character ISP students display during competitions.

This year has also been successful because of the respect shown by students to their teachers and peers. Success in life will be measured by how well you treat the people around you. We have a number of students and teachers leaving ISP this year, which is common for an international school. It has been wonderful to watch how the students have shown respect for those departing from our community. We are all impacted by people who come and go during our lives. As a community, ISP is stronger because of these students and faculty and their time at our school. We wish them well on their next adventure, and thank them for what they have contributed to ISP. It was great on the last day to see the warmth shown to these departing members of our community by the larger community. Students are amazing! It is great to see the bonds they have formed and the friendships they have developed. The appreciation and respect that has been prevalent these last few weeks is another measure of our overall success.

Thank you to everyone for helping ISP develop global citizens who have and show compassion for one another. We all can be proud of our success!

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