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International School of Panama’s Dolphins are always up to something good, and we want to share it with you. Catch all the good news and important announcements for our high school school right here.

Eco Leaders Update

We hope you are all having a wonderful week. The Eco Leaders have prepared another weekly newsletter! 

This week we got to work on ocean life and our relation with the ocean over the centuries. The kids at the Biomuseo have been showing an increasing sense of interest for our planet, and we are very excited to share our progress with you all. 

Please view our newsletter below:

If you do not wish to keep receiving weekly updates, please notify us via e-mail. We thank you yet again for your interest in our project and wish you a pleasant Sunday! 

Kind regards, 

Eco Leaders

Athletics Excellence Gala - Save the Date

Athletics Gala May 21, 2018 Save the DateWe are excited to hold the first ever ISP Athletics Gala at 4:00 p.m. on Monday, May 21 in the PAC. There will be recognition of the highlights of our student-athletes and teams during this formal gathering. The following teams will be recognized:

  • Sub 17 Girls Flag Football
  • Sub 18 Boys and Girls Volleyball
  • Sub 18 and Sub 16 Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Sub 18 and Sub 16 Boys and Girls Basketball
  • AASCA Swimming
  • AASCA Tennis
  • AASCA Track & Field/Cross Country 

There will also be special awards such as Coach of the Year, Senior Athlete of the Year (male and female), and Community Booster of the Year. We want to remind all Sub 16/18 and AASCA student-athletes to attend the gala on Monday, May 21 at 4:00 p.m. in the PAC (dress code - cocktail). We encourage parents and family members to attend and celebrate our teams’ accomplishments.

Megan Romano Swimming Clinic

In September 2018 ISP will be the host site for a swimming clinic led by six-time world champion Megan Romano. There are spaces in the sub 12 category and in the 12-18 year old category. ISP students will also receive a discount on the registration fee. 

Golf Success

Congratulations to high school student Carla Alvarez on recently winning the Isthmian Golf Tournament Ladies Category (and finishing 2nd in the overall category). Carla has huge ambitions in golf and proudly represents Panama in Central American and World Junior Championships. Carla will move to the USA next year to train at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy and will be one to watch out for in the future as she pursues her dream of achieving a college scholarship at a leading university in the USA. Her younger brother Diego is also an avid golfer and is competing at the top level in Central America!

Carla Alvarez winning the Isthmian Golf Tournament Ladies CategoryCarla Alvarez competing in the Isthmian Golf Tournament Ladies Category

Seniors Entering Final Stages

IB Exams
The seniors have moved into the final stage of their PK-12 experience and are sitting in IB examinations for the next couple weeks. It has been enjoyable to see the students focus on their final preparations each morning this last week. These exams are challenging, but our seniors are well prepared and will do their very best.

Student Schedules
Student schedules for next year are being finalized and we will share them with students on May 21. Students will then have a chance to make sure their individual schedule is set. Changes to schedules will only happen for three reasons at that point: 1) A student is missing a class they need for graduation, 2) A student has an error, like two math classes in their schedule, and 3) A student was enrolled in a course that they have not met the prerequisite or are not qualified to take. Requests to change classes to be with friends are not allowed.

Grades 9-11
Students in grades 9-11 are entering their final stretch of the semester and we remind them to finish strong. Now is the time to accelerate, not slow down or coast. 

Final Principal Coffee of the Year
The final Principal Coffee of the year is on May 16 at 11:00 a.m. in the ES cafeteria.

Senior Events for the Calendar

The school year is coming to a close, but there are still plenty of things coming up for the seniors. Add these dates to your calendar so you can keep track of all our senior events!

IB Exams
IB exams begin on April 27 and end on May 19, so the last official day of classes for seniors is April 26. We require seniors to be here for their IB exams and they need to plan to arrive early. The IB has strict guidelines and we do not want any students to suffer because of poor planning. The final two weeks of classes are an important time in preparation for IB exams.

Senior Honor Lunch
This year, we are making a change to the senior honor lunch, which is on Wednesday, May 23. We are moving the lunch and award ceremony onto campus to accommodate more people and have a better venue for the event. We are also adding a senior last walk that morning, beginning at 11:30 a.m. sharp. In the past, only parents of seniors receiving awards attended the ceremony. This year, we invite all senior parents to attend. The awards ceremony begins at 12:30 p.m. Between the walk and awards, there will be coffee, water, and snacks for the parents in the lobby of the PAC. 

Graduation is on May 26 at 5:30 p.m. It is in the PAC and will start exactly at 5:30 p.m. Each senior will receive five tickets for the ceremony. If you do not need all five tickets, other families could use extras, so please return them to the HS office for redistribution.

Life as Normal for Grades 9-11
For students in grades 9-11, life continues as normal until the first week of June. Final exam reviews begin that week, with final exams beginning on June 7. Exams end on June 13, so please plan any summer vacations after that date. The last official day of school is June 14 and it is a half day so students can receive their grades.

High School - Making Transitions from Grade 8 to Grade 9

During this time of year, many of our students are making efforts to maintain focus on the present while also wondering about what lies ahead, especially for those who will be making a major transition into elementary school, middle school, or high school. For these students and their parents, there are many curiosities and questions about things big and small: academic rigor, managing a social life, handling coursework, and even worries about using a combination lock. Fortunately, ISP provides a variety of opportunities for parents and students to help support a successful transition to the next major stepping-stone. We strive to eliminate as much stress as possible and provide the tools needed to ensure a smooth transition. Below you will find specific events and activities to assist your child with their upcoming transition. 

Successful Transition Plan for Grade 8 to Grade 9


  1. Grade 8 students transition to high school and grade 8 course registration early in semester two.
  2. Grade 8 course selection questions and answers during Advisory, semester two.
  3. Grade 8 elective course requests entered into RenWeb during Advisory, semester two.
  4. MS Advisory - 30 minutes - 2-3 LINK leaders assigned to each MS Advisory during April/May.
  5. LINK leaders facilitate icebreaker with MS Advisory.
  6. LINK leaders lead activity to debunk myths about HS and HS students.
  7. MS Advisory - 30 minutes - 2-3 LINK leaders assigned to each MS Advisory during April/May.
    1. LINK leaders facilitate icebreaker with MS Advisory.
    2. LINK leaders lead brainstorming activity, "Top Skills for Success in HS."
    3. Groups in Advisory share aloud top three skills, and HS students share personal examples.
  8. LINK leaders encourage students to start practicing these skills now and finish grade 8 strong.
  9. Grade 9 student orientation (LINK Program) on Tuesday, August 7. Students must attend student orientation prior to the start of school with LINK Crew.
  10. Grade 9 parent meeting on August 7 from– 8:00-10:00 a.m.

Note: Counselors from the high school will also have conversations with the MS counselor and administration to make sure all students are supported through the transition.


  1. Make sure to schedule your summer return prior to August 7. See # 9 above.
  2. There will be two grade 8 parent transition coffees in semester two.
  3. Grade 8 parents transition to high school and grade 8 course registration early curing semester two.

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