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Link Leaders Throwback to April

Photos of link leadersHigh school link leaders invaded 8th grade classrooms in April to help facilitate the high school transition process. Link leaders helped to debunk commonly held myths about high school and narrowed down a list of the key skills required for success in high school. Finally, the 9th grade counselor (Sammy Jamal), along with 9th grade students, shared their top tips for high school and answered pertinent questions about life in high school.

Thank You

We want to thank all of the parents who attended the presentation The Prevention and Response to Student Substance Use: The Roles of Family and School, this past Wednesday. The counseling and administration team appreciates your engagement and feedback. We look forward to hosting more Parent Coffees on similar topics in the future based on our community needs. We are also open to doing a repeat session for those who missed the presentation. We will keep you posted.

You can also take a few minutes to view the presentation information.

ISP Gives Back

The Service, Engineering, and Technology (SET) project is a student led community outreach initiative at ISP. SET is a long-term project focused on providing aid to communities in the rural parts of Panama that lack the technological and financial resources to improve their quality of life. Together we help raise money by organizing activities like pizza sales and donation campaigns to collect old computers and other items to be refurbished and donated to the communities in need. We then use the funds to purchase solar panels and other electrical hardware needed for the panel installation. 

Over the break, we returned to the Buenos Aires community in Chepo. We visited the local school and led some fun activities with the kids. We then traveled 20 minutes on a dirt road to visit the home of one of the student’s family to install the solar panel and light fixture. 

When we arrived, we started laying out all our materials: the batteries, cables, wires, light bulbs, transformers, and toolbox. Then we had to find a place to install the solar panels where they could be held tightly and get enough sunlight to provide the energy that would run the house's electrical power supply. We decided to install it on the roof and tie it with wires that were not in use by the house owners (see picture). Then we connected two wires to the panel and attached them to the small transformer regulator on the wall that we connected to the parallel installed batteries, which would generate and store more energy than if they were installed in a series circuit. The last step was to connect wires to the lights we installed on the roof and walls of the living room, kitchen, and front entrance. 

These experiences were extremely rewarding for me because I was able to use the skills I had learned as part of SET, as well as in school, to help someone in need. I know that without all of my teammates, this would not have been possible. We helped each other and gave our own ideas to be able to reach our goal. However, we also learned from each other, given that none of us are very experienced technicians or electricians. Nonetheless, we were able to learn as we prepared for the mission and then executed our plan. 

- Written by Stephanie Boyd, Engineering Team Member

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