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International School of Panama’s Dolphins are always up to something good, and we want to share it with you. Catch all the good news and important announcements for our middle school right here.

Students Lead Conferences WIth Parents

What a wonderful week of student, parent and teacher engagement here at ISP's middle school!

We enjoyed kicking off our Wednesday with an inviting and well attended parent coffee. Approximately 50 parents attended to discuss the middle school's continued improvement in a variety of areas including revamped MEDUCA offerings, new math pathways, and our increasingly differentiated approach to instruction among others. If you were unable to join us, please see below for some of the visuals that supported our communication.

We took the energy from the parent coffee and made our way to the middle school wing for student led conferences (SLCs). SLCs are a unique opportunity for students to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and conceptual understandings they have acquired and refined over the course of this year. There has been so much activity and engagement here in the middle school, and who better to hear about it from than the students themselves!

Please see below for a few photos of parents, students, and teachers coming together to learn, share, and reflect. We look forward to upcoming events, including theatrical performances, sporting events, the 8th grade showcase, and the move up ceremony among many others, that will continue to extend these opportunities for community involvement and support. Looking forward to seeing you all on campus soon!

Making Connections Through Social Studies

View more photos about the students in social studies classSocial Studies changes, like so many other things in life. What was once textbook chapters and lecture has become an active and engaged classroom. Social Studies purpose is to connect student thinking with real world contexts from local to global scales.

Why is social studies important for ISP students?

Social Studies helps students:

  • Understand the facts, concepts, principles, and perspectives that shape the world they live in.
  • Apply learning to complex situations and contexts.
  • Think critically about important issues and communicate their findings, engage in the processes of problem solving and inquiry.

The skills and abilities required for these ambitious goals include critical thinking and problem solving, initiative and self-direction, and media literacy—not necessarily business as usual in the typical Social Studies classroom. These goals necessitate skills that are often not even seen as skills and might not be measurable and identifiable in their own right—but they will create a better student.

In recent weeks 6th grade students have “settled” Mesoamerica. Their analysis of the geography, the resources provided, and a cost-benefit analysis allowed them to make informed decisions that would assist in the survival of their culture.

7th grade students have studied the geographic and historical influence and impact of Ancient Chinese achievements. Students examined the quality and reliability of the sources of information, experimented with new mediums for presenting the information, and collaborated effectively to produce a final project.

8th grade students have been engaged in meaningful debates on immigration executive policy. Teams have to research, prepare, analyze, synthesize, and formulate well-reasoned and convincing opinions.

    Save The Date!


    • 17 - Student-led Conferences, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
    • 17 - MS Parent Coffee, Continuous Improvement, 11:00 - 12:00 noon
    • 31 - Grade 8 Showcase: 8:00 a.m. - Opening of Art and STEM Exhibits; 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. - VAPA Showcase Performance


    • 1-6 - Performance Assessments
    • 7-8 - Exam Review Days, Regular Schedule
    • 9 - Parent Coffee, Middle School Nuts and Bolts
    • 9-14 - Semester Exams (noon dismissal)
    • 15 - Grade 8 Move Up Ceremony
      Transition To Middle School

      As part of our transition to middle school, 5th grade students recently received their Canvas accounts and ISP Outlook e-mail addresses. They also received a brief training on the different features of Canvas and Outlook, helping to ensure a smooth transition to these essential online platforms.

      Stay tuned for other transition activities such as: middle school open house for students and parents, Canvas trainings led by 8th grade students, and Tribe activities for future 6th graders. We look forward to receiving this group of 5th graders in the middle school!

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