ISP students smiling, student speaking at Panamun and staff member with student

Middle School Faculty and Staff

The International School of Panama’s Middle School team affirms our commitment to quality education and attention to your children. You are an important part of the team, and we would like you to contact us at any time if you have questions or suggestions. We encourage you to use e-mail and Canvas as a quick and efficient method for getting in touch with teachers.  You may also call the office at any time to set up an appointment with the teachers.


Vickie Swann Vickie Swann
Thomas Adamson Thomas Adamson
Assistant Principal
Catherine Wright Catherine Wright
Office Assistant


Loraine Arosemena Loraine Arosemena
Science 7th /Wheel Creative Science 7
Michelle Batista Michelle Batista
Doug Bennett Doug Bennett
Exploratory Theater 6th & 8th
Grisel  Camperos Grisel Camperos
Grade 6 Spanish
Craig Clark Craig Clark
MS Exploratory Art - Ceramics
Veronica Colteryahn Veronica Colteryahn
Math 6th / Exploratory STEM 6
Sandrine Cucalon Sandrine Cucalon
Science 8th /Exploratory STEM 8
Megan Eastlake Megan Eastlake
Tech Integration MS
Ella Faulkner Ella Faulkner
Angela Graham Angela Graham
Spanish 8th / SAL
Trudy Hoobler Trudy Hoobler
Social Studies
Priyanka Jethani Priyanka Jethani
Neelam Khemlani Neelam Khemlani
English 6th/Wheel Creative Writing 6
Szu Huei Lee Szu Huei Lee
Carlo  Marrone Carlo Marrone
Ted O'Connell Ted O'Connell
Pre-Alg. 7th / Exploratory STEM 7
Jennifer Restrepo Jennifer Restrepo
Counselor/Wheel Service Learning 8th
Carlos Riaño Carlos Riaño
MS Phys. Ed. 8th / Wheel Health and Wellness 7th
Jilka Rovi Jilka Rovi
SAL/ Pan. Studies
Rebecca Scherpe Rebecca Scherpe
French and German
Sue Stabler Sue Stabler
English 8th /Wheel Poetry 7th
Emilio Stoopen Emilio Stoopen
Physical Education
Arturo Wong Arturo Wong
Gadia Zapata Gadia Zapata
Spanish 7th/SAL

Counselors and Specialists

Luz Acosta Luz Acosta
MS Science Assistant
Isabel Aguilar Isabel Aguilar
MS Permanent Substitute
Melissa Arango Melissa Arango
MS/HS Library
Gricel Chanis Gricel Chanis
MS Learning Support Specialist
Maria Clara Fernandez Maria Clara Fernandez
Learning Support Specialist
Luis Carlos  Moreno Luis Carlos Moreno
Learning Support Specialist

PH:   +507 293.3000   FAX:   +507 266.7808
PHYSICAL:   Golf Club Road, Cerro Viento Rural, San Miguelito, Panama City, Panama
MAILING:   P.O. Box 0819-02588, Cerro Viento Rural, Panama City, Panama