International Service Project Brings Books to Honduras

Working together with their global issues teacher - former ISP social studies teacher Angie Broeckel - 6th grade students were able to direct all aspects of collecting, categorizing and preparing hundreds of books for delivery to Honduras. 
6th grade student Antonio Enrique Dominguez shared that "it was an important experience because we got to have a real partnership with an NGO. It was a way to make a small change in this world beyond ISP. We love reading here because you can go to a lot of different places just by flipping the pages of a book. It was important to be able to share that opportunity."
As we launch into our new school year here in the middle school at ISP, we are excited about the opportunity to continue making the type of impact that Antonio describes above. As he noted "it wasn't something done by one person. It was something that we all got to work on as a group to make this possible." We are eager to continue these collaborative efforts this year!