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Board of Directors

As a non-profit school, ISP is governed by a Board of Director. Carrying on the traditions of our founding families, our school board ensures that ISP perpetuates its goal to provide a world-class education to its students, preparing them for success in continued educational endeavors and positive roles in society.
ISP Board of Directors is comprised of 5 elected members and 4 nominated members, each of them, serving for a 3 year term.
Message from the President of the Board of Directors

Looking ahead to our General Assembly

The school year is well underway and soon enough our general assembly will be upon us. The board of directors would like to emphasize the importance of this meeting to our school community. Our general assembly is more than just an event at which we present our annual report. It is an opportunity to meet school leadership and learn about the future plans that are being considered to ensure ISP is the best school it can possibly be.

At this year’s general assembly, which will be held on October 26, 2017, at the Westin Hotel in Costa del Este, Crystal Room, you will be able to hear from our directors, principals, and specialist (who is or are they), for an update on the implementation of our strategic plan. The presentations will provide more detailed information on what we did (accomplished) during the 2016-2017 school year and what remains to be done to complete the five year strategic plan which culminates in 2020. This is in essence a window into how ISP works. This is the meeting where your voice is to be heard by the board and school administration. If you want to help define the future of the only non-profit and independent international school in Panama, your participation and presence at the general assembly is essential.

As a parent and board member I can tell you that something which concerns us is that not many parents attend the general assembly. In fact we have for the last three years, held the event close to Costa del Este, to try and capitalize on the nearly 500 ISP families that live in the area making it easier for you to attend and be a part of the conversation. To be clear as a non-profit school, ISP, is governed by a board of directors. The board hires the director, and the director reports to the board, but otherwise the board is not involved in operational details of ISP. Rather board responsibilities center on higher-level strategic planning and decision-making to ensure that ISP advances its goals of provide (providing)a world-class education to our students, preparing them for success in continued educational endeavors and positive roles in society. In essence board members are tasked with holding the director accountable that ISP accomplishes the goals and objectives laid out in our strategic plan, and modifies or expands the plan as appropriate in consultation with the director.

The ISP board of directors is comprised of five elected and four nominated members, and each member serves a three year term. This year we will select (2) new elected members and (1) appointed member. To successfully deliver on our ambitious strategic plan, the ISP board of directors needs members that possess the skills, energy, passion and commitment as well as having the time needed to work on this (these) and many other challenges. This year we will hold board (board)elections in May. The application process, open positions for appointment or nomination, and guidelines for candidacy will be announced next semester in April.

Best Regards,

Jorge Saa
Board of Directors President 2017-2018
Meet Our Board Members

ISP Board of Directors - School Year 2017-2018
Starting August 21, 2017:
Jorge Saa
President and Legal Representative
Lydia Young
Vice President
Soo Young Yoon
William Wcislo
Gerardo Rios
Member at Large
Jaime Claramunt
Member at Large
Augusto Knudson
Member at Large
Jade Newman
Member at Large
Antonio Yanes
Member at Large