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Students receive instruction in the core subjects of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, Spanish, and physical education as well as enrichment courses in the arts and various electives. Curriculum in each subject is based on U.S. and internationally recognized standards and utilizes 21st century learning techniques and curriculum resources. Stop by our Teaching and Learning page for more details about our high academic standards.
Special Programs

Students at ISP Middle School enjoy a wealth of opportunities and options to extend learning beyond the classroom walls by participating in athletics programs and the visual and performing arts. Additional program enhancements at ISP Middle School include:

From our Counselor - Jennifer Restrepo: The role of a Middle School teacher is an important one during this developmental stage. Through our advisory program and our classes we work to emphasize positive messages about self-esteem and peer relationships. Our goal is to prevent incidents of isolation, exclusion, and bullying by empowering students to advocate for themselves and others in order to create a healthy school environment for all.

This year we will work specifically on five themes: 
  • Empathy and Communication
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Emotion Management
  • Problem Solving and Goal Setting
  • Substance Abuse and Prevention
Advisory program. As a cornerstone of our educational philosophy, the advisory program includes discussions that reinforce good decision making, dealing with peer conflict and peer pressure, teaching and reinforcing organization skills, birthday celebrations, and Friday Fun activities where students engage in fun, team-building games.

Student leadership. We offer our students the opportunity to serve as leaders by participating on our Leadership Team as well as through involvement in sports, drama, and music.
This We Believe

At the International School of Panama, our approach to working with adolescents is based on the Association for Middle Level Education’s “This We Believe” characteristics, which include:
  • High expectations for all members of the learning community
  • Students and teachers engaged in active learning
  • Curriculum that is relevant, challenging, integrative, and exploratory
  • Multiple learning and teaching approaches that respond to diversity
School Info

Principal: Vickie Swann
Grades Served: 6–8
Grades Served: 6-8
Important Info
Counseling Services

Remember that our middle school counselor is here to support all students with social-emotional development. As your child adjusts to his/her new classroom, teacher, and friends, please let me know if there is anything I can do to support him/her.

Please take a moment to read my middle school counselor's news for updates and for tips to help your student.

I invite you to contact me at your convenience.

Jennifer Restrepo