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Who We Are


ISP is a non-profit, student-centered, independent school. Inspiring lifelong learners for a future without borders. We are recognized as a leader in international education, offering world-class opportunities for students Pre-K 3 to 12th grade. 

The International School of Panama operates under the license of the Ministry of Education of Panama and is accredited by AdvancED. As an authorized IB World School, we offer the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) for students in grades 11 and 12.  In addition, we offer the unique Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate and AdvancED certified STEM programs.

Five reasons there is no place like ISP

It’s not about me. It’s about us. People at the International School of Panama are family, so we always help each other out. You might not know every kid by name, but you still act as if they are family. And, like any family unit, it’s not about each person being the same, it’s about us all being on the same page.

We look after the planet as well as we look after each other. Every day, we look for ways to eliminate waste and use our resources more effectively. We try to make sure that the mark we leave on our school, and our planet is a positive one, and work to help others in our country to do the same.

Learning is a lifelong adventure. We can’t learn everything, but it’s fun trying. At our school, we really enjoy exploring different ways to learn new stuff in and out of the classroom. If learning is to be lifelong, then school is the place where everyone learns to take charge of their own learning.

Find ways to stand out. That’s how we become outstanding. School would be boring if everyone was the same. But what makes you different from anyone else isn’t your fingerprint, it’s your character. We put all our energies into nurturing each and every individual in our school.

We have a pioneering spirit: every person at our school leaves a footprint. We’re standing on the shoulders of giants. Today’s ISP is built on the work of the pioneering people who came before us. Tomorrow’s ISP will build on the shoulders of those who are here now. We never stop experimenting, creating the kind of school that others want to follow.


Our Story



ISP had its informal beginnings as a community school set up by a few interested parents to provide an educational alternative to schools already offered in the community. In 1982, a group of Panamanian and expatriate families met to establish an elementary school for about three dozen students. By 1985, the parents, calling themselves The International School of Panama Association, applied for and were granted authority to establish an educational institution under Panamanian law. The ambitious group of founding parents decided to begin with a school that would serve students from kindergarten through third grade. They hired a director and teachers, and together with them created a curriculum that would provide the best possible education program with an international perspective. It was arduous work. Their dream and vision held strong even during times of political and financial hardships in the Republic of Panama.

The commitment and dedication of parents who joined the school when it was just starting out served as the foundation for the inspired expansion ISP now enjoys. We have expanded from three small residential buildings in La Cresta to our current campus facilities set on beautiful acreage in the open rolling hills of Cerro Viento. In 1990, with enormous pride, ISP graduated eight students—our first senior class.


AdvancED STEM Certification
The International School of Panama is proud to have the distinction of earning AdvancED STEM certification. This certification recognizes that our STEM education programs have met the rigor and substance vital to creating and sustaining superior, student-centered STEM teaching and learning programs. We are committed to preparing our learners for the careers of tomorrow by continuing to foster and perpetuate their enthusiasm for STEM disciplines today. Our focus on STEM demonstrates our continued commitment to educational excellence for a future without borders.
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