MEDUCA Convalidation

This process must be completed by all incoming students enrolling in 2nd grade onwards who have obtained credits abroad. 

Parents need to present the required documents to the Ministry of Education within six months of their students' enrollment date at ISP.

It is ideal that you obtain these documents in your country of origin before travelling to Panama as they need to be certified locally. 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or on the phone to +507 293-3000.


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Regional Board of Education of San Miguelito 

Office of Convalidation, revalidation, registration and authentication of school documents. 

Validation: official recognition of the degrees and/or courses taken by students who are coming from abroad and will continue their studies at the General Basic Education level or Secondary Education level in public or private schools within the country. 


1. An original and copy of the certificate of studies, that is, the scores obtained in the grade levels, courses (periods or time frames) passed to date. These must be signed by the rector or director of the Educational Center. 

2. Legalize the scores of the last grade level passed. Legalization is carried out in the country of origin, in one of the following ways: 

By Apostille (HAGUE Convention) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of origin, or 

By certification of authenticity in the Panamanian Consulate in the country of origin, and then in the Republic of Panama in the Department of Authentication and Legalization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in El Dorado, above the National Bank of Panama, Plaza Aventura. 

Please do only ONE of the two alternatives. 

Note: If there is no Panamanian consulate in the country of origin, the documents can be legalized through another consulate (in the country of origin) with which Panama maintains diplomatic relations. 

3. Copy of valid passport and birth certificate. 

Academic documents that are in a foreign language must be translated into Spanish by a public translator authorized in Panama. 

Validation is NOT required for children who are starting preschool (Kindergarten) and first grade. They need only present an original and copy of their birth certificate and valid passport to register. 

Cost of validation B / 5.00 Phone: 517-6234, Plaza El Crisol 

Ave. Domingo Díaz. 


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