Placement Guide

As a school based in Panama we must strictly comply with the Ministry of Education (MEDUCA) regulations regarding the placement of students. 

To enroll in PK3, students must be three years of age before July 31st
To enroll in PK4, students must be four years of age before July 31st
To enroll in Kindergarten, students must be five years of age before July 31st

From first grade onwards, placement will be determined by the grades they have completed in their previous schools and are certified by our local Ministry of Education. 

All students incoming from abroad who will be enrolling in second grade onwards are required to complete a convalidation process with MEDUCA within six months of enrolling in ISP. Please find more information on the documents that must be presented directly to the authorities here. 

For students transitioning from a school calendar from March to December (or similar) they must enroll in the same grade they have completed (if enrolling in January) or in the same grade, they are currently enrolled in (if enrolling in August).