9th Grade Mathematicians Celebrate Carnaval Day

For our unit on probability, the 9th-grade math team guided students to create casino-type games of chance.  Working in groups of three, the students were tasked with making a unique game that included either conditional or independent probability (or both!) and would result in the casino earning more than it handed out in prizes.  During Carnival Day, the grade 9 students played each other’s games using official ISP Carnival Day tokens and kept track of both their winnings (or losings) so they could later complete a reflection on the experience.  At the end of all the rambunctious playing (which included many dice, cards, spinners, plinko boards, and even some computer-programmed lighting systems) four of the 105 students came out ahead, while all the casinos made money, giving the students a real-life experience of why gambling is not a good way to make money.  Unless they’re the casino, of course.