Summer Institutes at ISP

This year we have created four very different learning opportunities to make use rethink how teachers at ISP are growing in their understandings about how to give our students the skills that they need to be successful in their future. This year the focus is on collaboration skills, thinking skills, Social and Emotional learning and creativity. All key skills that our students will need to be successful:

  • School Reform Initiative.
    • Developing internal capacity for change in schools
    • Learning ways to facilitate adult learning
    • Learning about creating conditions for engaging conversations
    • Collaborating with others to develop and practice strategies that support us to make explicit connections between instructional practice and student learning
  • Documenting Thinking to Support Teaching and Learning in the Inquiry-Based Classroom
    • Creating a culture where thinking is valued
    • Using students thinking to drive the learning
    • Documenting and amplifying student voice
  • Responsive Classroom
    • Practicing teacher language that promotes respectful, kind, and positive classroom communities by reinforcing, reminding, and redirecting student behavior
    • Participating in interactive learning structures and energizers you can use in your classroom
    • Creating an active and interactive classroom that increases academic engagement
    • Establishing rules with your students and provide positive structures to support success.
    • Starting and ending the day positively with Morning Meeting and Closing Circles
  • Panamati
    • Focussing on supporting the development of STEAM curriculum
    • Looking for kindred spirits willing to take risks, make art, get messy, make mistakes, dig in, and express themselves artistically.
For more information please visit our Learning Institutes page

Looking forward to you, being part of the learning. See you in July!