Innovation & Entrepreneurship Students Visit ADEN International Business University

ISP’s 11th-grade Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IEC) students traveled to Aden International Business University to attend a “Workshop on Business Innovation”. The goal of this workshop was to expose IEC students to real-world innovative business practices and to introduce and strengthen skills and thinking methodology necessary to survive in today’s business environments.

The workshop was led by Dr. Raymon Schefer an internationally renowned professor, businessman, and consultant specializing in innovative marketing and business practices.

Dr. Schefer introduced topics such as disruptive innovation, lateral thinking, and strategic innovation. Case studies of successful innovative companies were discussed, including Tesla, Zappos, Uber, and AirBnB. Students also participated in a brainstorming exercise, using the SCAMPER method, to solve the problem “How can we connect everyone in the world to the internet?”