Student Voice: Vivek leaves his footprint

You just graduated from your Extended Essay experience. Can you tell us a little bit about taking this challenge?


I think that the main approach I had was yes it was a challenge but also an opportunity, and opportunity is something I had to get a hold of and so that was sort of my mentality during this process


What’s your particular area of focus for your EE?


Well the subject area was Environmental Systems and Society and I focused on the carbon footprint of the school


What were some of your findings after culminating your research?


My original RQ was how much of the footprint could be reduced by eliminating plastic entirely and i found that it did not have much of an effect. I found that plastic was around 1% of the total carbon footprint in the school. The real kicker was that most of the footprint came from electricity and food.


Did your research propose any solutions that could be adapted at ISP to overcome that problem?


Yes, particularly with electricity I looked at how if we just turn off the ACs for about 50% of the time, that could reduce the footprint by 80% which is quite significant.


What do you think about the learning culture at ISP and the value placed on caring for each other as well as caring for the environment?


Well I think is something that a lot of the students have and they show it in their own way, so like they take care of each other and if they see something in the cafeteria, a lot of students now are picking things up. So you know, treating the school as it is part of their learning environment and that’s what I translated into my EE, how can I as a student contribute back into the school and make it a better place?


Comparing your first experience when you arrived at ISP how far do you think we’ve come? What’s the change you’ve seen implemented that give you hope for the future.


Well, I wouldn’t say there’s one change in particular. But in general, ISP is way better at sustainability than what it was back in 9th grade. I actually did a carbon footprint calculation back in 9th grade, and the footprint back then was 40% bigger than it is now and so I can’t tell you the exact areas where we’re doing better but I can give you the data overall that we are improving.


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