Middle School Shares Individual Learning in iTime Presentations

If you had time each week to explore a passion, what would you choose to inquire into? This was the question posed to middle school students and faculty, and the results were diverse and engaging. 
Writing a novel...Launching a makeup line...Starting a small business...Getting in shape...These were only a few of the many lines of inquiry our students engaged in. All students had the opportunity to share out to their advisories, and selected students were given a broader audience at a celebration share-out this Wednesday. 
Eighth grade student Tom L. reflected on the experience: "My passion project was to sell shoes with my friends. We would buy shoes for a good price and then sell for a profit. We used Instagram to post all of our pictures. We got 700 followers and we have started to make a profit. It was cool to do something we chose to do because we incorporated a lot of subjects we are learning in an area we are passionate about. Presenting was a great experience because I could discuss how important passion is and how when you have an actual passion you can do a lot with it."
Krishna V., a fellow eighth grade student, added his reflections as well: "I'm writing a book on life experiences. Each chapter is about something that we go through and how we can cope with challenges. I was super nervous during the presentation but the message I'm trying to spread got out. We need to stay in touch with our feelings and not just material desires. I enjoyed this project because while school is generally about academic subjects, this gave us an opportunity to stay in touch with what we love. This made all of my school hours more productive for me."
We appreciated the chance to hear about many students' passions and we look forward to where our iTime projects will take us in the future.