AASCA Sportsmanship Accolade!

AASCA exists 'to support and encourage academic, artistic, athletic and cultural interaction between international schools that offer a US type education in Central America.'
Having now grown to 27 schools (and likely more in the coming years) AASCA athletic tournaments have become extremely competitive. Banners are awarded to the top placed teams in tournaments but trophies are only awarded to one boys team and one girls team in each event. That trophy is the Sportsmanship trophy and it is awarded based on a detailed rubric of which the host school delegates evaluate each team against throughout the competition. The rubric considers conduct, behavior and sportsmanship both in and out of the sporting arena (teams could be penalized for incidents on buses, hotels or in the mall). 
The final AASCA Athletic tournament of the school year concluded in April in Honduras. After considering all of the data from all of the tournaments throughout the school year ISP came out as the school with the most Sportsmanship trophies won this year: U14 Girls Swimming, U14 Boys Tennis, U14 Boys Track and Field and U19 Boys Volleyball (all pictured below).
This is not a coincidence and shows the genuine focus of our coaches, student athletes and parents on playing hard but fair and valuing the true spirit of good sportsmanship at all times. Congratulations to all student athletes, coaches and parents involved in this success! 
Go Dolphins!