Support for Transitions

As the school year comes to an end, we face a variety of transitions.  All students will be moving to a new grade and meeting new teachers, Some will also be transitioning to a new division,  moving schools or even on to a new country. Even for those who are staying, there is the transition of having friends leave ISP and Panama.

At ISP we aim to support students and families during transition times.  For new and departing students we offer the opportunity to meet and share experiences. We also offer sessions specifically for all incoming 6th graders and their families.


Additionally we offer parents the opportunities to meet with counselors regarding their children's transitions.  A couple weeks ago we offered a parent coffee regarding transitions. This link contains information and resources regarding this important theme; please take some time to read: Transition Coffee

If your child is having a hard time with transitioning to next year due to moving, friends leaving, anxiety for a new school year, or any other reason please let us know so we can offer support. We are confident that working together closely between home and school we can successfully navigate upcoming changes.