Bat Falcons Nesting at ISP

How did this project start?

It started off as a CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) project because we wanted to improve the bird diversity at ISP because we saw that there were not many birds. 

Some previous students had built some nesting boxes and we helped put them up as we waited for birds to show up. In the meantime we made bird feeders, we started planting more plants, we also hung a bunch of feeders for hummingbirds and then the bat falcon showed up. 

They started checking out the boxes and we were really excited but we didn’t know if they would nest. In the beginning, there were four, now there’s only two.  They made a nest and recently we found out that they have at least two eggs which is really exciting. 

We saved up to purchase a wildlife camera, which we hung up. This was very difficult to do without the falcon attacking us, but we did, and it’s working great.  We have 600 videos that we are going through and taking notes on to figure out how they work, what their schedule is,  and what they eat.  We also found pellets which we are going to dissect and dead birds that they have been eating.


What do you plan on doing next?

Hopefully, in a month they [the eggs] will hatch and we are going to be able to capture (record/document)  some of the interactions with their chicks to see if  the mom and the dad interchange the responsibilities with their babies. Eventually, we hope to have footage of them eventually leaving the nest and learning how to fly and maybe at some point in the future they will come back. We also want to see if they tell other birds that this is a cool area, that we got a lot of bats here. 

We hope to bring more awareness of the types of birds that live at school and hopefully get kids excited about it so we need to find people to carry on with the project.

At least make more boxes, make more areas where it’s only for the birds to be in, and plant more trees to have fruits and vegetables for the birds and also flowers for the hummingbirds.