Seniors go out with a "splash"

The class of 2019 had their last official day of classes on Friday, April 26th, in order to give them time off to prepare for IB Exams and wrap up classes with semester exams.  Every year the high school administration works with the seniors to encourage them to celebrate their last day with fun and inclusive events, rather than pranks that interfere with the educational day.  This year's seniors asked for permission to bring a bouncy waterslide on campus for the end of the day, and the administration agreed as this was exactly in keeping with the spirit of the day.  After securing permissions from security and the PAC teachers who would be most affected by the noise, the outside company cam and set up the inflatable slide and the foam machine.....and then the whole class descended in one giant wet mob.  Not everyone got on the slide, but even for those who came to watch it was great to see the happiness and celebration of students who have reached the end of their academic career at ISP.  From the photos you can see that at ISP, we are definitely joyful!!