Director Viki Stiebert Inspired by AMIS Festival

 It is a great pleasure to host you all at our school and we are very excited about having this international music festival here at ISP.

I would like to thank all our hosting families for opening their homes to more than 100 visitors from 11 international schools, we ...and they... truly appreciate it.

I would also like to thank our fabulous music department for pulling out all the stops to organize this important event.

The thing that I like most about AMIS festivals is the final concert performance. In this case an Honor band and Honor choir performance of over 100 performers. 

As someone who deals with teams, collaboration and problem-solving on a daily basis, I cannot even fathom the learning, conciliation, and trust that goes into getting this performance finalized for that many people, ... and in just 3 days. 

Adults seem to take much longer to come to some sort of consensus. Often they don't manage to do it at all. 

That is the thing that amazes me about the final concert. The confidence and trust that everyone will do their best, and they always do. How do you do that? Perhaps we need to flip the teaching roles here and get you all to teach us.

If there is one thing we hope to accomplish as schools and educators it is that our students learn how to collaborate, think for themselves and establish trust. Music appears to be a means whereby this is a given.

This week a report issued by the United Nations said that 1 million species on earth are at risk of extinction, largely as a result of human actions. There are large groups of young people acutely aware of these issues and striking from school and joining the extinction rebellion movement. 

When we witness the collective goals and collaboration as we see here at AMIS events it gives me hope and a sense of wonder as to what you will all be able to achieve over the next few days. 

"The earth has music for those who will  listen"- George Santanaya