Middle School Celebrates Compassion and Inclusivity

The month of May included our annual Pink Shirt day tradition. This is a day where we get together and wear pink to represent that we are a community that stand up against bullying and that takes care of each other.


As a celebration for Pink Shirt Day, Middle School had a sticker contest and the winner became our Assistant Principal for one day.  Our Assistant Principal, Ricky P., gave a special message during our flag ceremony and spent his day with students and administrators doing this important role. To hear more about our initiatives from a student perspective, click to watch our AP for a day Announcement video.


We also had a guest speaker, Lance Allred who shared his story of perseverance wit our community.  


Inclusivity, kindness and compassion are themes that Middle School students are exposed to throughout the year and we are happy that it is highlighted in the month of May.