Grade 5 Students Present Action Research Projects

By Valentina and Anastasiya 

Weeks and weeks of preparation, bucket loads of research, and then, the day we all waited for finally came. It was the moment where it all came to an end. As we got closer to the courts where we were holding our presentation, we could feel our hearts beating faster and louder than a drum. We saw other 5th graders setting up for their presentations and it made our nerves skyrocket out of control. We had to keep cool so as to not drop our model, so we took some deep breaths and found a table that was free. Our partners smiled at us, and we saw the first 4th grader walk down the same stairs that we walked down minutes ago.

We stood tall and waited until a student came up to us and asked us about our presentation. We were filled with fear and nerves, but we made it work. Our stress level lowered and we started feeling more confident with each student or teacher that came to our stand. Many students passed by, and we kept waiting for somebody to take an interest in our presentation. They were lured in by free treats and glitter, the things that we didn’t have on our presentation. So, we went to nearby stands, keeping our eyes on our own stand. The level of the other presentations was outstanding, they all had very creative ideas; puppet shows, videos that they made, and some very creative models. All of these to raise awareness in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  

Now, after 1 long hour of explanations and waiting, it was over. But not all of it, because right after our break, the parents would be coming to see our presentations too. We all got to our classrooms and had P.E. We were dismissed 10 minutes earlier, so we could change into our dresses, suits and formal clothes. We changed our clothes and rushed back to our classroom, which was buzzing with excitement. We grabbed our presentations and rushed downstairs, back to the courts. We set everything up again, and our hearts skipped a beat when we saw our parents coming to see us. The parents all went to their kid’s presentations first. But, now that we were prepared and had had some experience with the 3rd and 4th-grade students, we all felt more confident. When we presented, it felt amazing. Our parents were super curious about our projects and you could tell they were proud. But they weren’t the only ones that were proud. By the end of the day, we had accomplished something.