Alumni Voices: Citizen Support Director Edgar Tejada

Edgar arrived at ISP in 1994, the year after we moved to Cerro Viento. 

What is your fondest memory?

Debating versus other schools at Model United Nations.

Who was your favorite teacher?

Jason Price. I didn´t take the full diploma however I did do an IB certificate in History. I enjoyed debating because it was challenging having to represent countries, issues or positions that I wasn´t always familiar with and required preparation as well as discipline (ex: I got assigned Japan once and had to ensure they got unrestricted fishing access when everyone else was arguing for the opposite). With regards to Mr. Price, it was a similar situation because he frequently challenged us to discuss the reasons things happened in history and how they impact the world we live as opposed to just memorizing information. This led to enrolling in a dual concentration major in university so my degree is in both Information Technology and also History.

How did ISP help prepare you for the future you?

My time at ISP was very valuable because it helped me develop both critical thinking skills and how to work well with others which have been key to all my professional endeavors.

What do you do now? I am currently managing the 311 Citizen Support Center which receives and follows up on all citizens issues nationwide.

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