Looking back on a year of PODCasting

As a way of sharing news from the elementary school, one of the student leadership jobs taken on by our 5th graders is that of PODcasting. Being ISP Dolphins, these are short video interviews and presentations about Elementary School news and events. A small team of students has worked diligently all year as writers, presenters, filmers and editors to create a snapshot of life in the Elementary School.

As the year comes to a close we’d like to look back at their work and share their thoughts and feelings.

The best thing about being a PODcaster was having fun showing the finished PODcasts. I learned how to do better interviews and different ways to film.’

‘I loved filming and hearing people’s experiences about ISP. I learned that many people have different perspectives.’

‘I enjoyed getting to know people, I learned that you don’t need to be scared to speak to an audience.’
‘The best thing about my job was having fun with my friends and doing the funny videos, I learned how to have fun with different people.’

If you missed any of their PODcasts, check them out here:

New year, new team - https://youtu.be/9OFmmYRTWAM

Mes De La Patria - https://youtu.be/hpzd0bZ7vTg

Mes De La Patria - short version - https://youtu.be/D8cUBx91lkU

The Wizard of Oz - https://youtu.be/OCXiPSLUIrA

Lunch with the Wizard of Oz principals - https://youtu.be/2dsB5BBS4dY

Chiriqui - https://youtu.be/9xnZ1RJIsro

Chiriqui short version - https://youtu.be/X1ts0a9KYYc

Lunch with the SRC leaders - https://youtu.be/6WRMNHYgdpk

Lunch with the school chef - https://youtu.be/7j1Eh61IRD8
SRC review - https://youtu.be/5nUd21zlhLQ

PODcasters interview themselves - https://youtu.be/6n54kdctfyY