Alumni Voices: Documentary Filmmaker and Photographer Galen Brown

How did pursuing the IB diploma program help prepare you for university?
The IB program was a great primer for my university experience because of both the workload and intellectual rigor of it. Some of the introductory courses I took in university felt like a breeze after having taken the IB.
With a graduating class of under 40, in those days, we were a very tight-knit group despite of our cultural differences. Between my classmates and my teachers I wasn't just learning facts in a book, I was learning how to learn, how to think and measure actions to results. ISP was a truly inspiring place to learn and I think that drive and curiosity for the world I what I carried with me to university.
What is your fondest memory of ISP?

The chip room. (If you know you know.) Having moved from Canada, arriving on my first day of school to a school that to me seemed to be in the middle of the jungle, was pretty cool.  I remember the first Monday morning flag ceremony when I was introduced to my "buddy" - he is still one of my best friends.  The following 7 years were unforgettable and would all fall under my fondest memory. 

What are you doing now? 
I am now a documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Canada. You can check out my work here . I first took up photography seriously in IB Art, where the curriculum allowed me the freedom to explore the huge spectrum of photography out there.   My work ever since, in both photography and more recently in documentary film, are based directly on my experiences in Panama.   ISP gave my curious young mind a disciplined guide through onto higher learning and ultimately the work I am undertaking currently.  
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