Alumni Voices: Graduating with Honors

Marcello graduated from ISP in 2015 after spending 3 years at ISP.

What was your favorite subject?

Chemistry. I was fascinated by how interactions between such microscopic molecules can explain so much about the world around us and I enjoyed Mr. Alfano’s teaching style.

What is your most memorable moment?

My most memorable moment has to be scoring the winning goal in the Liga 10 final in crunch time and then getting swarmed by my teammates (and then getting a painful leg cramp in a very unchampion-like manner). It was a surreal dream finish to not only my high school soccer career but also my time at ISP. I will remember that night forever.

Favorite part of campus?

My favourite part of campus was the area in front of the cafeteria. I liked it because it was covered but still outside and rain or shine there were always people hanging out there or putting on a bake sale.

Favorite Teacher?

My favourite teacher was Mr. Mattiace, I had him for Global Politics and he was my Extended Essay supervisor. He was also so cheerful and eager to teach, but also very knowledgeable and helped expose me to new ideas and opportunities.

How do you feel ISP helped prepare you for university?

I just graduated from the University of Toronto and earned an Honours Bachelor of Science with High Distinction. I did a double major in Physiology and Biochemistry and also had the opportunity to spend a semester at University College London, which was an incredible experience.

My university studies were not always easy, but I think that ISP and especially the IB diploma program did an excellent job of preparing me. The first year especially was a lot of review, and that helped the transition from ISP to U of T. Because I was well prepared, I was able to find a right balance between studies and social activities and continued to play soccer and travel. All in all, I had an amazing university experience.

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