PTA Grant Helps Eco Leaders Focus Efforts

Eco Leaders is a project started by students from ISP in 2016 with the goal of teaching our upcoming generations about environmental sustainability. We teach classes on this topic to 6th grade students from a school in El Chorillo: Nuestra Senora La Merced. Our project is made up of 10 high school students and is run under the supervision of Andrea Marchosky in the Global Issues Network (GIN) Club. For years, our overarching goal has been to teach the kids from La Merced that they play a crucial role in sustaining our environment, and while we have been successful these past three years, funding has always been an obstacle. Spending hours planning for and and doing fundraising has hindered this overarching goal, and this is why we asked the PTA for their help in aiding us with a grant. This grant has allowed us to focus solely on making the curriculum the best and most engaging it can be for our 6th grade students.