Elementary School's Exciting Start to the New School Year

Hello families of the elementary school at ISP,
It is wonderful to have students filling our hallways and classes. Welcome to the new school year!!!
On Tuesday, August 6 we were pleased to have over 70% of you come to campus to see classrooms, meet teachers, and find out which friends and classmates would be learning alongside your children this year.  It started with our New Student Orientation and led into our Open House where greetings and smiles were in abundance!  We did not share much information about the coming year because we are having a parents-only Back to School Night on August 21.  Look for more information from teachers on the schedule and structure.  For now, if you have feedback you want to share about the New Student Orientation or Open House, we welcome it in this survey.
One big difference for arrival this year was the lack of supplies that students had to bring to school.  We made a decision last year to absorb those costs into our budget to save families both money and time in purchasing supplies.  We are following our code of "looking after the planet" by purchasing less, re-using more, and being conscious of our impact in this world.  We encourage you to do the same as you are sending healthy snacks (no cookies, cakes, candies) and lunches to school in reusable containers.
While learning is at the heart of our work, we strive to be joyful in what we do.  Connected to this, we are incredibly excited for the opening of our brand new play structure on the K-5 playground!  This structure was designed by, advocated for, and ultimately gained through the hard work of our Student Representative Councils from the last two years.  I can attest to how thrilling it is, as I got to play on it to "test it out" before we opened it to students.  Look forward to stories of climbing and teamwork as this structure is designed to maximize cooperative play and motor development.
Thank you for being a part of our community and for helping us start the school year on a strong note.  The entire elementary staff looks forward to seeing you at Back to School Night on August 21.
Ms. Becky and the elementary team