High School Welcomes The Largest Number of Students On Record

Students gathered in the gym to hear opening remarks by high school principal, Mr. Monson, stressing the importance of doing your best every day, and focusing on excellence. The Class of 2020 made their traditional senior entrance with whistles, music, and lots of energetic cheering.  Another record-breaking fact is that the class of 2022 will soon set the record for the largest graduating class in our history with 105 students set to graduate. 
Earlier in the week we greeted 34 new students for the  LINK Orientation Program. Students were put in groups along with the entire Grade 9 class and were led through a variety of orientation activities and information sessions led by current Grade 11 and 12 students.  The LINK Team, led by Mr. Jamal, Ms. Marchosky, and Ms.  Lyons was first established at ISP in 2015, making it the first LINK Program in Central or South America. This group of students focuses on making connections and building relationships that help make the transition into high school a little easier for students.
With so many exciting initiatives on the school calendar, it looks like it is going to be another high energy year. Next up is the HS Back to School Night on Wednesday, August 14th at 4pm. This event for parents to become more familiar with our academic program, meet their child's teachers, and have a better understanding of some of the divisional programs and resources offered to students/families