From the Director's Desk: Welcome Back Dolphins!

You will most certainly notice that ISP has undergone a bit of a face lift. We have remodeled our main office entrance thanks to help and dedication of former parent Christen Taylor. She has  truly left her footprint here at ISP and we cannot thank her enough.

I am certain our returning children won’t believe their eyes when they see that the playground they planned is now a reality. 

The tireless maintenance staff, volunteering over weekends, are a shining example of our school culture, working together because we all know the impact of our work goes beyond ourselves. Many of the Crew volunteered time to ensure that school is ready for Day 1.  It’s another example of it being all about us as a community here at ISP.

Focusing on looking after the planet and looking after each other is increasingly important at ISP. New recycling stations have been implemented and the new Eco code, designed by our HS students, has been launched to our faculty. Here you can see the goals this code is striving to meet.

This year our main goal and emphasis at school  is being joyful, one of our Character Profile attributes. Joyfulness is more than just being happy, it encompasses gratefulness, contentedness, meaning and happiness. It will have a different resonance for each student, and it was arrived at via student surveys, from our teaching community and from our parents who voiced that they would also like to see an increased focus on SEL (Social and Emotional Learning).  Together we can ensure our community is joyful, that we are inclusive and appreciate the diversity of our international community. This is what we stand for and what it means to be an international school. It is what makes our school unique and special.

As you start your learning adventure or turn to the next chapter in your journey, help us celebrate all the reasons #thereisnoplacelikeisp

Wishing you all the best for the start of a joyful school year and I am looking forward to seeing you all at school.

Viki Stiebert