First Days of Middle School Spark Joy

On Wednesday, the middle school faculty welcomed our students as we kicked off the day with our annual first day assembly! The MS Principals, Ms. Vickie and Mr. Kyle, reviewed the middle school goals for the year including:

Joy and Well-Being - We care for each and every student, every day!

Empowerment - We actively take on leadership roles in our community.

Legacy - We ask ourselves, “What are we doing to make ISP a better place?”


After talking about the importance of these goals, the middle school staff each took a moment to introduce themselves and share a fun and interesting fact - turns out we have some truly incredible members of our team including multiple gold medalists, musicians (including playing their own teeth?!),a teacher who was chased by an elephant this summer and even a teacher who has traveled to over 87 countries! Following their fun facts, our staff brought down the house with a truly energizing performance of their grade level chants.


In addition to spending most of the day on Wednesday in advisory building community and strong relationships, students started the day on Thursday and Friday with their advisory classes as well. Our advisories are at the core of what makes ISP Middle School a special place and our 2019-20 focus is “From Me to We.” Students will meet with their advisory groups four days a week, and will cover topics focused on the CASEL Core Social-Emotional Learning Competencies including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.


Transition in the middle years can be a bit stressful, but with the help of our student ambassadors, new students were welcomed with smiles and open arms. The day before the first official school day, student ambassadors spent some time getting to know their new classmates during a new student orientation, and even went on a “Goose Chase” selfie scavenger hunt around campus as a way to get to know ISP a little better. The pictures were shared with our new students and ambassadors while enjoyed pizza before heading out for the day.


With a strong start to the year, our hope is that the joy and excitement of the first week extends throughout the year ensuring this is the #BestYearYet! We look forward to sharing more about all of the great things that are happening in Middle School at our MS Back to School event on August 28th!


All the best, 

Ms. Vickie and the Middle School Team