ISP Soccer Dads Lead by Example

A few years ago a group of ISP fathers formed a soccer team to compete in the city wide league comprising of teams representing the parents of over 10 different schools in the city. Two years ago the ISP dads decided to take the league more seriously and began to train and prepare for the games. Now the dads have a full roster of dedicated players and a waiting list to join! In 2018 the 'Papa Dolphins' were crowned champions of the 'Club Deportivo Fair Play' league and went on to secure the back to back title in late June of 2019. These fathers are a great example of bringing our community together and they represent parents of children from PK-12th grade and from many nationalities. These parents are living the values of positive sportsmanship and role modeling for their children how we expect them to conduct themselves in the sporting arena. Below is quote from one of the founders of the team, Javier:
'We feel the Dolphin spirit too, this was the ISP community living the values.
Our sportsmanship goes always before our scores and our friendship and the love of our families are fundamental to it.'