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ISP Dolphins Are Pioneers: The First Student from Panama at NYU Abu Dhabi

Did you complete the IB diploma program? 
I graduated ISP in 2013 having completed the IB diploma. The program was very challenging but also extremely rewarding, I enjoyed most of my courses and was fond of all my teachers.
How was this beneficial to your preparation for University?
In general, the IB diploma taught me to manage my time properly and express my ideas clearly. When I had to complete important assignments under time pressure at university, I did not get overly stressed because I had handled similar situations already at ISP. More specifically, having taken Mathematics HL at ISP, I found the foundational maths courses at my bachelor's degree relatively easy and did not have to revise much for those exams as I had already covered most of the material during the IB diploma program.
What is your fondest ISP memory?
There are so many it’s really difficult to choose. Some of my top memories include a trip to THIMUN, preparing for PANAMUN as a chair, the patronato volunteering trip in senior year, and generally the time I spent with my friends, many of whom I’m still very close with today. If I had to choose one memory, however, it would be the beach clean up trip to San Blas that I did with some of my classmates and close friends in senior year. We lived with an indigenous community for the weekend, cleaned up the island, and bonded with the locals in the evening over dinner and music.
What did you study at NYU Abu Dhabi?
I graduated from NYU Abu Dhabi in 2017 with a BA in Economics and Finance. As a liberal arts university, NYUAD gave me the chance to take classes outside my major too, so I was able to explore other interests such as politics, film, and law. It also gave me an invaluable opportunity to travel, as I took courses in Abu Dhabi, New York, London, Sydney, and Nepal. (The picture featured in this article is of Natalie delivering the student speech at the Farewell Ceremony in Oxford.)
Where are you now? What are you doing? What is next? 
I am now living in London and working as an investment banking analyst. I actually started the job a month ago, after finishing my Msc Financial Economics degree at the University of Oxford. I’m still in training for my new role, so I guess what’s next is actually joining my team in September!
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