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Finding Ways to Stand Out: The Class of 2019 is Outstanding

The IB results are in and the Class of 2019 has left their footprint! 

class of 2019

Over the summer break, while many of us were relaxing and taking part in our family vacations, ISP seniors were eagerly awaiting the results of the IB examinations.  Now with their first weeks of college and university well underway, we are thrilled to celebrate this historic achievement with the Class of 2019.

We have received the wonderful news that our Dolphins have scored an average of 33 on their IB examinations, some of the most rigorous testing the world over. This puts ISP IB students 10% above the world average, achieving the ambitious goal set by our community for the 2015-2020 strategic plan. These are the highest marks in our school’s 37-year history!

Mrs. Talamo de Soto, proud mother of a class of 2019 graduate helps explain the benefits of the IB.

“I was thrilled to watch my son Nicolas present at the Extended Essay talks. When I saw him present all the work he had done I was simply amazed. It was an enormous satisfaction to see what these students are capable of. This is where they truly showcase the combination of skills and ISP IB education gives them. How to analyze a topic from different points of view, analyze and research to write an extensive document and present it in public. It was fascinating. On the other hand, I think that although the IB at first seems difficult. The truth is it is demanding, but it's worth the effort, it really does give them the skills they need to be prepared for college and university.  Study habits and writing skills, for example, are essential for future success and all of this occurs in a student-centered environment where teachers are by their side every step of the way helping encourage them and drive that effort.”

Thank you to all the parents and our dedicated faculty and staff. It is thanks to your student-centered focus and inspired teaching that we have continued to offer an IB education of excellence for the last 30 years. ISP is proud to offer the longest-running and most comprehensive IB program in Panama, giving students a full catalog of academic and extracurricular choices which give them the skills and knowledge to go anywhere, and do anything.

Marivi Gondola IB Biology instructor has been at ISP for as long as we have had the IB program. We asked her how the program has evolved over the years. “What I feel has changed the most is our approach to teaching the IB courses. There is certainly a lot more independence, and that is what the IBO requires. What is exciting is that the students that enroll really want to be there, and while their score is important, they also focus a great deal on building the skills they know they will need to be successful in the future. It is amazing to see them navigate experiments at a university level, finding solutions, and even discovering ways to learn better.”

Our HS Principal Mr. Monson is quick to remind us that it isn’t all just about numbers. “It is important that we celebrate this historic achievement while remembering that our students have also learned a great deal about achievement and growth as people, far beyond what is reflected in an average score. Each one of the students has been dedicated to pursuing their passions, and have been accompanied by focused faculty members, committed to educating the whole child .”

ISP continues to pioneer excellence in international education, offering our student community ever-increasing choices focused on equipping them with the necessary skills and mindsets to succeed in a rapidly changing world. 


Congratulations Class of 2019 students and families!