After School Activities are underway!

In addition to the many popular activities which have been offered for a number of semesters or years, we are excited that 14 new activities have opened! Those are:
  • Drama (grades 3-5) 
  • Choir (grades 3-5) 
  • Mandarin (grades K-2 and Grades 3-5) 
  • French Jr. Chef (grades 3-5) 
  • French Jr. Chef (grades 6-9) 
  • Italian Jr. Check (grades 3-5) 
  • Italian Jr. Chef (grades 6-9) 
  • 'Let's Create Comics' (K-5) 
  • 'Do it Yourself' (grades K-2) 
  • 'Makey Makey Creations' (grade 3-5) 
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics (K-5) 
  • Urban Dance (MS/HS and grades 3-5) 
  • Yoga (MS/HS) 
  • Cheer Poms (grades 1-5) 
To read more about the program Coordinated by Johan Hernandez see the ASA section of the website by clicking here.