Wellness Week Teacher Talk with Mrs. Marchosky

"Not only did we have the incredible opportunity to work with the Breaking Down the Walls project, but students also were invited on the second day, to participate in activities that aligned with ISPs holistic learning philosophy; from learning how to change a tire, to do laundry, to planting trees and helping remove weeds that were taking away nutrients from plants and flowers that have been planted in previous years so that they could flourish and grow, to attending a mindfulness seminar to pay more attention to our breathing and the moments that sometimes slip by us. Taking care of ourselves, so we can take care of each other.
Our students were able to experience a whirlwind of wonder. From things that seemed strange like discussing why sorting clothes before for putting them into the washing machine is important, and the materials that can be harmful to the environment (microfibers) that come from our clothes, to being mindful of the little bugs that we found along the way as we dug holes for new plants and how to keep them safe too. What a great day to be a dolphin!" -Mrs. Marchosky