Your Photos Could Be Featured During Fotoseptiembre

Photograph an Object A Day: September 24-26

This year the theme of Fotoseptiembre at ISP is “Looking at the World Around Us.” 

An Object a Day is an open invitation to all the students at ISP to take a good look around at the everyday objects in our lives,  the things you don’t pay attention to, or might even consider unimportant or annoying. Get out your cameras or phones and get ready to take a new look at the ordinary! Each day we will announce the object you are to photograph for the next day. 

You will have 24 hours to send us your photo. You can send in ONE photo only. It will be uploaded to a live stream and you can see it in the PAC lobby during the Fotoseptiembre exhibit. 

NOTE: There can be no recognizable persons in your photos - just things!

We reserve the right to review the photos and will not include any deemed inappropriate or which do not follow the guidelines. Remember: NO PEOPLE!!

1. Check Instagram on Tuesday September 24.  The first object will be announced via ISP Instagram and ISP Arts Instagram accounts.
2. Student takes a photo of that object they find around them.
3. Send photo to
4. Attend the Exhibition on Thursday September 26 at 2:45pm in the PAC lobby to see your child's photos and all the other great student work displayed for FotoSeptiembre. 
Support arts in our community. See you at the exhibition!