MS Students Follow Passions and Interests during Wellness Week

From meditation to kickboxing, Just Dance to Tai Chi, mindful coloring to gardening, students selected an activity that helped develop their physical, mental, or emotional health. 

Wellness Week kicked off on Monday with an inspiring presentation and activity from Breaking Down the Walls in which students were challenged not to press the “snooze button” when they see opportunities to show appreciation, to include others, and to help make this world a more welcoming place. The assembly concluded by having student volunteers speak in front of 275 people in sharing their appreciation for a specific teacher who has made a difference in their lives. 

This Friday,  we welcomed Tatiana, a Health Coach and Chef parent volunteer who shared and prepared a delicious recipe during our lunchtime.

We are continuing to build momentum around wellness week as students share “their story” in advisory over the next few days. Early next week, students will have the opportunity to reflect during a mindfulness and gratitude activity early next week. 

Special thanks to our parent volunteers Christa and Tatiana for sharing their skills and knowledge during our wellness week.