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Alumni Voices: Starting My First Year at University of Toronto

Recent ISP graduate, Sofia Karter, is now at the University of Toronto. She was featured in the University of Toronto's Engineering News alongside fellow ISP Alum Santiago Gomez Montenegro.  We reached out to Sofia to learn more about her experience so far.
What did you focus on as a student? Did you pursue the full IB diploma?
I did the full IB Diploma taking Math, Physics and Chemistry as my HLs, and did my best to get involved in all of the extracurricular and leadership experiences that I wanted to take advantage of at ISP.
How do you think what you learned has helped you prepare for University?
Definitely having been involved in leadership throughout High School so much will help me a lot in university. Everything from getting to know professors and talking to them, getting involved and looking for opportunities in university, and making new friends, involves having to take some sort of leadership and thanks to everything I learned in high school, I feel comfortable doing that.
Also, having done the IB Diploma is a huge advantage in starting university because I have already learned a lot of the material that will be covered in my first-year classes. I think that this will allow me to have a smoother transition into the new university environment that I will come across. 
What is your fondest memory of school? What did you find was the most rewarding experience?
My fondest memories are of my senior year and specifically of milestones in extracurricular activities! Because I was involved in extracurriculars all through HS, I reached milestones in my senior year like being the President of International Court of Justice in the Panama Model United Nations and achieving high-quality installations with the SET (Service, Engineering and Technology) Team. 
Achieving these goals were some of my most fun and rewarding experiences. In my collection of fond memories, there are also things like the last first day of school and the senior prank, which were days full of laughs and celebration with my prom.
What will you study at UNI? What do you hope for the future?
I'm enrolling in the Engineering Science program at the University of Toronto where I hope to specialize in Biomedical Systems Engineering and do a Professional Experience Year (Co-op). My plans, for now, are to learn a lot, enjoy university to the fullest, and seize the opportunities it offers. In a couple year's I might have a better idea of what I want to do, but for now, my only current hope for the future is to get a job where I can apply what I learned once I graduate! 
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