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Freelancing in the Film Industry

After leaving ISP where did you go on to study? 
After graduating from the International School of Panama I started at the Prague Film School in the Czech Republic. Where I studied filmmaking and specialized in editing. 
Did you pursue the IB? or Certificates?
I pursued the certificates in order to take both IB Art higher level as well as IB film online.
How do you feel ISP helped prepared you for higher education?
ISP helped me prepare for my higher education in many ways. For starters being the youngest film student was challenging at times. ISP taught me to place things in perspective and to undertake any challenge. This helped me to forget about the age gap, believe in my creativity and make the films I wanted to. I got to impress a lot of my older peers and even earned their respect. Secondly, the international community taught me to communicate with people from different cultures. In Prague Film School this helped me interpret the student's films from all over the world and to convey my own message clearly through art.
What is your fondest memory of ISP?
It is so difficult to answer this question. I have really enjoyed my time at ISP. I remember this one opportunity I got to direct a music video for the AASCA leadership. I had never directed such a big group of people and I remember being very nervous about it. But as soon as I stood there it came naturally to me. Thanks to that opportunity I not only discovered what I was good at, but I also became confident in my decision to pursue a career in film. ISP really prepares us to find our passion and encourages us to pursue our dreams no matter how big they seem. 
What do you do now? How do you feel ISP helped prepare you for that?
Currently, I am working as a freelance editor in Panama. Thanks to the connections I made at ISP, I get a lot of work opportunities. I am also about to start a part-time bachelor's degree in marketing to broaden my horizons. This will be challenging but as I said before, ISP prepared me for this. 
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