Sharing Social Emotional Learning

Recognizing how we feel and how we react to different situations is an important skill to acquire. Grade 6 students have been working with Middle School Counselor Mrs. Restrepo learning techniques and skills that can help them recognize and regulate their emotions through increased self-awareness. In this case, the learning is not limited to the middle school cohort.
As part of the learning process, Mrs. Restrepo helps guide the students as they inquire an ask how they can share this information with others. The students divided into groups and prepared presentations and activities to share key concepts on emotions and self-awareness. According to Mrs. Restrepo "Being able to share their learning at a young age, provides opportunities for students to be more successful socially, emotionally and academically."  
This project also helped students highlight the importance of knowing one's strengths and weaknesses, celebrating who we are, what makes us unique, and respecting other's points of view. Watch the video below to learn more.