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The Voice of Andy Kleiman Class of 2017

I am Andrea Kleiman (Class of 2017). I was proudly part of the ISP community for eight years and absolutely loved every minute of it. After working and traveling around the world for a non-profit organization for a year and a half, I moved to Mexico City to study Psychology at Anáhuac University.

After careful consideration, I decided to pursue the IB Diploma. It was a challenge that I was willing to take to grow as a student. Though the whole process was very overwhelming and demanding, I have really seen an improvement in my time-management skills and work ethic, helping me settle easily into college life while also focusing on taking activities and challenges outside of my academic career. 

ISP´s international community makes you feel welcomed since the very first day. Everyone, from classmates to the school´s administration, is interested in you as an individual and everyone is invested in making you grow as a person. The connection that you make with both teachers and students is unlike any other place I´ve been in. They are deep, genuine and very fulfilling. It is people I am still in touch despite the distance and the time we have not seen each other. The ISP Community is surely a special one. 

Stage crafting,  stage managing, lights, show production, in general, was something I was deeply involved in throughout my high school career. The fact that I had the privilege to work at the Performing Arts Center was something that I am incredibly grateful for. It is an incredible venue in Panama and having it as part of our campus inspires creativity and allows us to do professional-leveled shows at a young age. That was definitely my favorite place to be on campus. 

Though college graduation still feels a little bit far, I would most definitely love to work with children in a non-profit for a while. I have found a passion for volunteering that I would like to keep on feeding for a bit. 

Thanks again, ISP for this opportunity and all the ones you have given me to make me the person I am today!

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