Alumni Voices: An Example in Empathy

I graduated in 2009 with an IB diploma.  The most memorable thing about ISP for me actually isn't a memory at all.  It's the friendships I keep to this day.  The international community that we grew up in was an opportunity to learn about the world beyond our linguistic and cultural barriers.  After graduating, people go too far off places but we have stayed in touch and I've had the pleasure of visiting many of my friends in places I had never been to.
I went on to study at the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL).  There I completed a double major in political science and philosophy and a double minor in international studies and human rights.  Graduating from ISP certainly gave me an advantage in college.  Because I completed the IB Diploma I was able to claim 30 credit hours of classes which amount to skipping a year of college.  This allowed me to pursue the things that interested me right away instead of taking general education courses, and it also allowed me to graduate early in spite of doing two majors and two minors.  I was also already accustomed to the academic expectations of university courses because of the high expectations of the IB Diploma.  
After graduating from UNL I attended Law School at the University of Colorado Boulder where I focused on criminal and immigration law.  Thankfully I passed the Colorado Bar and was admitted to practice in October of 2016 and I have been working ever since as an Associate Attorney at the McKinley Law Group.  My daily practice involves litigating in various criminal and immigration courts across Colorado defending some of the most vulnerable people against the injustices that they face daily.  Given the rise in anti-immigrant sentiment, our work has become increasingly vital for clients who often lack financial or linguistic access to justice. 
I credit ISP  and experiences like the Panama Model United Nations, for teaching me how to empathize with people regardless of their race, religion, language, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, and more.  I also thank ISP for teaching me why it is important to empathize with those who are different than ourselves in a world that is increasingly divided but faces problems that require us to come together more than ever.
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