There is only one you in this great big world.

During wellness week elementary students undertook a special rock painting project inspired by the book "Only One You by Linda Kranz. Elementary Art Teacher Ms. Mirtie tells us about putting this project together with students.
Where did the idea to paint the rocks come from?
This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time so when Mr. Raul our counselor and I met to help plan art-related activities for wellness week, this fit in perfectly.
 The students started the project by brainstorming on what makes them unique and what they like about themselves. They also decided on how they would design and decorate their rock. We used the whole idea of the book as the centerpiece for talking about what makes us unique and expressing it through art. All of this inspired by and connected to the book "Only One You" by Linda Kranz.
What did the students enjoy about the experience?
I think that for the kids they were able to connect why we were making them, and what it meant for none of them to be the same, it was interesting to read what they wrote about themselves. They had to learn that they were putting it as an installation many wanted to take them home. Now that they did see it all together they kind of forgot about wanting to take it home. They got it. It's part of a bigger project.
helping set the base for an understanding as an artist part of the work is letting go. its hard for elementary kids to learn that lots of ownership so we have been doing a lot of collaborative work like the banners at Arts Fest so we are teaching them this and they are getting the art and that it can be part of something bigger and leaving something behind. leaving a little piece of you, and you are part of the big pool of fishes in your own special way.