Alumni Voices: Catching up with Jorge Brito

Jorge is currently studying psychology and working as the Technical Liaison Officer for the Regional Delegation of the Red Cross. He is charged with overseeing the Community Engagement and Accountability Program as well as the Psychosocial Support Program in the region. 
ISP helped me prepared for this new life starting with of course the support of my teachers! Mrs. Sandy, Mrs. Guevara, Mrs. Gondola, Mr. Macpherson, and Mr. Alfano are the first that come to my mind. They saw some potential that until recently I finally understood what they saw. They would coastally challenge me to do better and push further.
Funnily enough almost three years after graduating that’s exactly what I’m doing. Thanks to this drive I  was able to obtain a  Psychological First Aid Diploma with a specialization in Disaster Response from Johns Hopkins University as well as a Platform Programming and Design Diploma from MIT. Furthermore, I managed to coordinate the first training for a Regional Psychosocial Response Team, which took place in Panama at the end of October.
My fondest memory in ISP is probably my senior year and the school’s production of West Side Story. I never really saw myself as an actor but Mr. Herzig thought otherwise. What makes ISP a school like no other is that teachers genuinely care. They see each student as a unique individual; they know each one of them is different and even after they graduate they still want to know what’s going on in their lives.  Although I did pursue the IB diploma the knowledge I acquired has been immensely useful. From the nervous system and human physiology to how to properly analyze an article or a book. 
Check out Jorge being interviewed as part of the Red Cross Radio Program about Mental Health. 


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